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Monday, 29 April 2019

Priyathama Priyathama Song Lyrics Translation From Majili

Movie: Majili
Music: Gopi Sunder
Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad
Singer: Chinmayi Sriprada

Priyathama Song Meaning In English

Priyathama Priyathama…Palikinadhi hrudhyame sarigama
My dear…My heart is singing for you

Chilipi nee thalapulo…Telisinadhi valupulo madhurimaa
In your thoughts…I experienced the sweetness of love

Cheli choopu thaakinaa…Ulakavaa palakavaa
Though my glances are touching you…you are not responding

Vala vesi vechi choosthunnaa…Dhorakaney dhorakavaa
Though I have laid a trap for you…you are not being caught

Istamaina sakhudaa …Istamaina sakhudaa…Okkasaari choodaraa pilladaa
You are the one I like…just look at me once

Chakkanaina chukkaraa…Chakknaina chukkaraa…Ninnu korukundiraa sundaraa
Am a beautiful lady…I am in love with you oh handsome!

|| Priyathama Priyathama ||

Nee premalo aaradhanai…Ney nindugaa munigaakaa
I Am totally immersed in the admiration of your love

Neekosame raasaanugaa…Naa kallatho priya lekha
I have composed a love letter with my eyes

Cheruno cheradho…Teliyadhu aa kaanukaa
I don’t know if that letter will reach you or not

Aashaney veedaka…Venaka padenu manasupadina manasey
Without losing the hope…my heart is following it

|| Istamaina sakhudaa ||

Unnaanila untaanilaa…Nee needagaa kadadhaakaa
I am and will be with you till the end of life, like a shadow

Kaneetilo kaartheekapoo…Dheepaanniraa nuvvuleka
Without you, am a lamp filled with tears

Dhoorame bhaaramai…Kadhaladhu naa jeevitham
This distance is being a burden to me…its ceasing the progress of my life

Neevu naa cheruvai Nilichi masalu…Madhura kshanamulepudo
When you are with me…am surrounded by sweet memories

|| Priyathama Priyathama ||

|| Istamaina sakhudaa ||


  1. What a song...just loved you chinmayi mam...thnku so much... Love your voice n just loved the lyrics

  2. Awesome lyrics and voice just loved it

  3. I am in love with this song❤❤

  4. Im jst lvv vth dis song❤❤😍😍

  5. No words to say about this fantastic lyrics ����

  6. Awesome song... Melting heart lines..

  7. While listening this song heart this song .. lyrics are too good .. lovely

  8. Thank you so much. Just waiting for it

  9. Awesome lines.. Just lOve it wit d lady vOice..

  10. Just loved it ...heart touching song😍

  11. How can one not like the song, lyricist, composer ,singer and actors!!?

  12. Though a north indian, i luv everything in south indian love generes. Vy touching melody...

  13. Though i m a north indian yet I have learnt the song n will propose my someone special with it.


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