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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Nuvve Samastham Song Lyrics Translation From Maharshi (2019)

Movie: Maharshi (2019)
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Sree Mani
Singer: Yazin Nizar

Nuvve Samastham Song Meaning In English

Nuvve Samastham…Nuvve Siddhaantham
You are Everything…You are the Universal Principle

Nuve Nee Pantham…Nuvvele Anantham
You are strong willed…you are infinite

Prathi Nisi Masai, Neelo Kase Disai…Adugesey Missilelu La
Prathi Shakham Shatham, Prathi Yugam Yugam… Nee Pere Vinenthala
Slaying out the darkness, Take a step in the direction of your passion like a missile…So that every era echoes your name

Gelupu Nee Ventey Padelaaa
Success follows you

|| Nuvve Samastham ||

Needoka Margam Anithara Saadhyam…Needoka Parvam Shikharapu Garvam
Your path is highly impossible to follow…your story has the glory of a mountain peak

Nudutana Raase Raathanu…Thelipe Lipine Chadivuntaavu
You might have studied the script of fate

Nee Thalaraathanu…Sonthaga Nuvve Raasukupothunnaavu
You are designing your own destiny

Otami Bhayame Unnodevadoo…Odani Rujuve Nuvvu…Gelupuke Sontham Ayyaavu
You are the proof of the one who never lost fearing failure…Success owned you

|| Nuvve Samastham ||

Bhavithaku Mundhe…Gathame Undhe
There is past before future

Gathamokanaadu…Choodani Bhavithe
Past was also a future before we experienced it

Ninnati Neeku Repati Neeku…Teda Vethikesthavu
You always differentiate between the ‘Past You’ and ‘Future You’, trying to improve yourself

Marpunukuda Maarlantu…Teerpe Isthuntavu
You are ordering the change to change itself

Emileni Kshaname…Anni Nerpina Guruvantavu
The moment where we have nothing is the teacher that taught us everything

Gelupuke Kathala Maaravu
You turned into a story of success

|| Nuvve Samastham ||

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  1. please post lyrics for all songs in maharshi with english meaning, and thank you for this post.


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