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Friday, 24 August 2018

Yenti Yenti Song Lyrics Translation From Geetha Govindam

Movie: Geeta Govindam
Music: Gopi Sundar
Lyrics: Srimani
Singer: Chinmayi Sripada


Yenti Yenti Song Meaning In English

Aksharam chadavakunda…Pustakam peru petesaana
Have I named the book without even reading a word of it?

Adbutam edutanunna…Choopu teepesaana
Did I look away from the wonder that’s right in front of me?

Angulam nadavakunda…Payaname chedu pomanaana
Did I refuse to go on this journey without even taking a step towards it?

Amrutham pakanunna…Vishamulaaga chusaana
Have I misjudged the nectar to poison?

Yenti…Yenti…Yenti…Ee kotha varasa, Nakke teliyani nine…nedu kalisa
What is this new behavior in me? I have met a new version of you

Yenti…Yenti…Yenti…Ee vintha varasa, Antu ninne adiga…Osi manasa
Why is this new behavior in me? Am questioning my heart

Ra ila Raju la nannelaga…Rani la madhi pilichenuga…Geetha ne daatuthu cheravaga
Come to me my king…my heart is calling you…let’s get closer erasing the line between us

Oka pranayapu kaavyam likincha ra mari mana iruvuri jatha…Geetha govindam laga
Compose a romantic poetry about us…like Geetha Govindam

|| Yenti.. Yenti.. Yenti ||2||

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  1. Nice Lyrics. You Done A Great Job That Translated Telugu Lyrics To English
    Geetha Govindam Video Songs Download

    1. Smj me nhi aata lekin bhot accha lgta hai jb bhi sunta hu... Aur inkem inkem bhi...

      Awesome songs

  2. good one .. i was searching for meaning of yenti ....

  3. Iam seriously impressed by the video and lyrics. Being a north Indian you are like a boon for me.

  4. Thank u so much..we can now understand what the song is saying

  5. Awesome song I heard in recent past times, it's a fabulous romantic poetry, the movie is extraordinary,as well as nice lyrics you have done a great job

  6. Thank you for the telranslation

  7. Thank You So much for sharing this lyrics...I have been wondering the meaning of this song.Thank You!!

  8. My boyfriend is Telugu and i'm Punabi... :p :) ... i was listening to this song from quite a few days but was unable to find the lyrics and the meaning .....thanks to you i just dedicated this song to him after reading your lyrics.

  9. Great job !!! Thank you. Such a sweet song..

  10. SUPERB SONG MY FV 😘😘😘😘😘

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  13. Nice translation.I was searching for meaning of yenti ,i thought it would be better if Search for song translation.

  14. Damn good..I m in love with telegu songs....

  15. What a lovely song!It is close to my heart.voice is fantastic.

  16. really loved this movie....and this sing


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