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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale Song Lyrics Translation From Geetha Govindam

Movie: Geetha Govindam
Music: Gopi Sunder

Lyrics: Anantha Sriram

Singer: Sid Sriram


Inkem Inkem Kavale Song Meaning In English

Thadigina thakhajanu…Thadigina thakhajanu
Tharikita thadharina…Thadhemdhemtha aanandham
Thalavani thalapuga , Yedhalanu kalupaga
Modhalika modhalika , Mallee Geetha Govindam

An un conceived thought has united our hearts
And thus the story of Geetha Govindam started

Inkem inkem inkem kaavale…Chaalle idhi chaale
What more do I want? I am happy & content that you are with me
Neekai nuvve vacchi vaalave…Ikapai thiranaalle
You willingly entered my life…it’s a moment of celebration to me

Gundellona vegam penchaave…Gummam loki holi thecchaave
You have increased the rate of my heart beat…you brought festival of colors to my house

Nuvvu pakkanunte inthenemone…Naakokko ganta okko janme, Malli putti chasthunnaane
All these new feelings might be coz of you…Every hour seems like a new life to me…I am dying and being reborn

|| Inkem inkem ||

|| Thadigina thakhajanu ||

Oohalaku dhorakani sogasaa…Ooprini vadhalani golusaaa
You are a beauty beyond imagination

Neeku mudi padinadhi thelusaa…Manasuna prathi kosaa
Every corner of my heart is entwined to you

Nee kanula merupula varasaa…Repinadhi vayasuna rabhasaa
The spark of your eyes has aroused restlessness in me

Naa chilipi kalalaku bhahusaa…idhi velugula dhasaa
This is a awakening to my naughty dreams

Nee yedhuta nilabadu chanuvey veesaa…Andhukuni gaganapu konaley choosa
With the closeness I have with you, I have touched the limits of the sky

|| Inkem inkem ||

Maayalaku kadhalani maguvaa…Maatalaku karagani madhuuvaa
You are a woman who doesn’t fall for tricks…you are a nectar that doesn’t melt for words

Panthamunu viduvani biguvaa…Jariginadhadagavaa
Won’t you let go of your stubbornness?  Won’t you ask me what happened?

Naa kadhani theluputa suluvaa…Jaalipadi numishamu vinavaa
Narrating my story is not an easy task…pity me and gimme a minute, listen to me

Yendukani gadikoka godavaa…Chelimiga melagavaa
Why these arguments every minute? with me in a friendly way

Naa peru thalachithe ubike laavaa…Challabadi nanu nuvu karuninchevaa
You become an oozing lava when you hear my name…cool down a bit and show some mercy

|| Inkem inkem || 2 ||

|| Thadigina thakhajanu ||


  1. I'm a Non- Telugu speaking people..
    This song sounds Awesome..
    But I did't understand..
    Written in a very Beautiful way..
    Thank you..!!

    1. U stole my comment dude....this song is divine

    2. Yes, agree, it's very devin..

    3. I am a keralite. I dont know telugu but its lines and tune are very pleasing to hear

  2. Yenti Yenti song with English meaning... please....

  3. Amazing lyrics. Thank you Mr. Anantha sriram

  4. Awesome song ever heard. Thank you Anantha sir & Sid Sriram sir for making this song more beautiful by ur voice

  5. Falling in love with a telugu song for the first time and that too not knowing a word of it <3

  6. Heart touching...loved d song very much even though I'M a non-telagu

  7. Not able to understand even a single word, but singing this song whole day..... For the first time loving Telugu song so much..

  8. I will always cherish this song in my memory

  9. Amazing music.. trying to translate in tamil


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