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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Chinuku Taake Song Lyrics Translation From Pelli Choopulu

Movie: Pelli Choopulu
Muisc: Vivek Sagar
Lyrics: Shreshta
Singer: Amritavarshini KC

Chinuku Thake Song Meaning In English

Chinuku thaake jadi lo…chiguru thodige chelime…virise harivillule
With the onset of rain…friendship has blossomed, emanating a rainbow

Eduta niliche nijame…kalalu panche theere…chilike chirunavvule
The reality is standing in front of us…bestowing dreams with a splash of laughter & gaiety

Munupu kanugonani anandhamedho…kalige naalona eevelane
I am in a elated state of happiness which I have not experienced earlier
Egisi uppongey oohallo munigi unnale
I am immersed in the surge of overflowing imaginations

Palakarinche aase paravasaanne penche…chilipi kerinthalaa
A ray of hope emerged, intensifying the ecstasy  in the form of playful naughtiness

Kalavarinthe tharimi paruguletthe manase odisi pattedhela
How can I contain my heart which is rushing out being chased by intense longing

Naalo needhaagi nidhurinchu nanne thatti lepindhi neeve suma
You have awakened ‘real me’ who was sleeping inside till now

Intha andhanga lokaanni nede chusthunna
Today…the world is looking even more beautiful to me

Nenena idhi antu anipinchina…avnavnu nene mari kaadhaaa
Sometimes I doubt if this is really me, but it’s obvious that I am new form of myself

Chitranga naake ne kanipinchina kavvinche chitrannayaga
I feel really different now, but this difference is really amusing

Naa dhaarine mallinchina thullinthala varadhala
You are a gushing stream of water that changed my course

Paadhaalane nadipinchina rahadhaarivayyavela
You are the path which keeps my feet moving

Neruga sara sari nenila…Maaraga mari mari theeruga
All of a sudden, there is a huge change in me

||Palakarinche aase ||

1 comment:

  1. Sooperb song.... Excellent music.

    New age telugu films by tarun baskar

    His must watch movies both Pellichoopulu and e Nagaraniki emaindhi


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