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Monday, 14 May 2018

Title Song Lyrics Translation From Mahanati

Movie: Mahanati
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Satstry
Singer: Anurag Kulkarni

Mahanati Song Meaning In English

Abhinetri oo abhinetri…Abhinaya netri, nata gaayatri
You are an actress…the one who expresses with eyes, you are the superior form of acting

Manasaraa ninu keertinchi pulakinchinadi ee janadhaatri
The people of this land are elated in admiration of your glory
Ninduga undi le durga deevenam…Vundhile janmako dhaiva kaaranam
You have the blessings of goddess Durga…there is a divine reason for your birth

Nuvvugaa velige pratibhaa gunam…Aa nata raajuku sthree roopam
You glow with your talent…you are a female form of lord Nataraja (God of dance)

Kala ke ankitam nee kana kanam…Vendi therakennado vundi le runam
Every bit of you is dedicated for art…silver screen is indebted to you

Perutho paatugaa amma ane padam…Neeke dorikina soubhaagyam
There is an immense respect associated with your name…you are the fortunate one, as people respect you like a mother

Mahanati…Mahanati ||4||

Kalanu valachavu, kalanu gelichavu
You loved art, succeeded in making your dreams come true

Kadaliki yedhureedhi, kadhaga nilichavu
You swam opposing the tides of an ocean…your life is a story to inspire others

Basha yedhaina, yedhigi odhigavu
Irrespective of language, you shined in the films…staying rooted, you never let pride overshadow you

Charitha putalona velugu podhigavu
You have etched your glory in the history

Penu shikaragramai gaganalapai nilipavuga adugu
Being on the top of the world, you even stepped onto the skies

Nee mukhachitramai nalu cheragula thala yethinadi mana telugu
Telugu has held its head high in all directions as it is being represented by you

Mahanati…Mahanati ||4||

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  1. Thank you for the translation... It helps a lot as I am not good in the language

  2. Thank you for meaning
    Plz upload gelupuleni samaram song lyrics with meaning plz

  3. NYC song thanks for translation

  4. Ñice song of actress savitrì

  5. Really the meaning is so nice... I can't understand telugu... But the music... And the lyrics are perfect for savitri amma... We miss you ...

  6. Goodebumps yaar. Gotta love Savitri amma. Lyrics are perfect about her


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