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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Sada Nannu Song Lyrics Translation From Mahanati

Movie: Mahanati
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Lyrics: Sirivennala Seetarama Sastry
Singer: Charulatha Mani

Sadaa Nannu Song Meaning In English

Sada nannu nadipe nee chelime poodari niliche
Your friendship which always keeps me going is spread out like a path of flowers

Prathi malupu ikapai swagathamai na pere piliche
Every turn I take is welcoming me by calling out my name

Ide korukunna ide korukunna ani nede telise
I understood today that I always wanted it to be this way

Kalam narthinchada neetho jathai…Pranam suminchada nee kosamai ||2||
Time would dance pairing up with you…my soul would bloom for you

Nadiki varadalle, madiki paravallai
Like a flooded river, my heart is overflowing with feelings

Beruku epudu vadilindoo…Churuku epudu perigindo
Don’t know when I lost my fears and gained vigor

Talapu tholi jallai, Tanuvu harivillai
Thoughts are pouring in like first rains of the season…my body has turned into a rainbow

Vayasu epudu kadilindo…Sogasu epudu merisindoo
Don’t know when my age started progressing…didn’t know when my beauty started glowing

Gamanincheloga gamakinche ragana…Edo veena lona mogenaa
Even before I realized all this, a musical melody started with in…a Veena started playing inside me

|| Kalam narthinchada ||

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  1. Really heart touching song from mahanati by Charulatha mani....really what a voice

  2. Such a beautiful song! Thank you for this translation! I love telugu songs but I don't always know what the lyrics mean. This truly helps!

  3. Thanks a lot . What a song ❤

  4. just flowed with the music before, but now with the meaning i could understand the song better.... thanks for the translation ...


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