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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Mooga Manasulu Song Lyrics Translation From Mahanati

Movie: Mahanati
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Lyrics: Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal, Anurag Kulkarni

Mooga Manasulu Song Meaning In English

Mooga manasulu, mooga manasulu
Silent hearts…those hearts that feel lot of love but do not express

Mannu minnu kalasukunna seemalo…Nannu ninnu kaluputhunna premalo
At this place where the land and sky meet…we are in love that is uniting you and me

Jagathi ante maname anna maayalo…Samayam anna jada leni haayi lo
With an illusion that we are the only ones in this world…we are in an eternal bliss, without  track of time

Aayuve geyamay swaagathinchaga…Tarali ravate chaitrama
With a bright future welcoming us in the form of a melodious song…Oh new beginning, approach us

Kuhoo kuhoo kuhoo…Swarala ooyaloogutuna koyilaina vela
We are mesmerized as a cuckoo,  which is singing by swinging on musical notes

|| Mooga manasulu ||2||

Oohala roopama…oopiri deepama…Na chirunavvula varamaa
You are the person of my dreams…you are the light of my life…a blessing of my happiness

Gaali saraagama…poola paraagama…Na gatha janmala runamaa
You are the rhythmic sound of  breezes…you are the pollen of flowers…you are the reward of my good deeds in past life

Oosulu baasalu ekamaina swasalo…Ninnalu repulu leenamaina netilo
This is a moment when the words spoken and promises made, merged into our breath…a moment when past and future merged into present

Ee nijam katha ani tarataralu chadavani…Ee kathe nijamani kalala lone gadapani
Let this truth be read as a story by people of future generations…let this story be imagined and considered as truth

Vere lokam…Chere vegam…Penche maikam mananila taramani
Let the intoxication drive us crazy as we are speeding towards another world

Tara theeram…Thake dooram…Entho emo…Adagake yavarini
How much would be the distance to reach the abode of stars? Don’t ask anybody…let’s find

|| Mooga manasulu ||2||

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