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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Lover Also Fighter Also Song Lyrics Translation From Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India

Movie: Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India
Music: Vishal & Sekhar

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Singer: Shekhar Ravjiani


Lover Also Fighter Also Song Meaning In English

Atta soodake kottinattugaa atta soodake…Sitti gundeke oorikoorike sotta pettake ||2||
Don’t look at me so fiercely…its causing a dent in my little heart

Guri peduthoo soopulathona…Nuvu pelchake bomma thupaaki
By targeting me with your eyes…Don’t fire a toy gun at me

Sari haddhulu thenchuku raanaa…Ne nee zindhagi loki
I would break any boundaries to enter into your life

I am a Lover also Fighter also ||3||

No seppi kusunna nee heart book pai…Love story malli raase writer also
I am also a writer who will rewrite a  love story in your heart book which is not ready for love

I am a Lover also Fighter also

Yem choosavani naaloni premikunni poorthigaa ||2||
You haven’t fully seen the lover inside me

Yem chesaanani velethi chooputhaavu sootigaa
What have I done that you point your finger and blame me?

Chalo chalo chero sagam thappugaa…Maro kathai kaluddhamaa kotthagaa
Let’s share the guilt of our mistakes equally…let’s start over our story again

Flash back bommani gurthuke thecchuko…Patch up aipovadaanikentha chance oo
Recollect our flashback…there is a lot of chance to patch up

I am a Lover Also Fighter Also

Inu inave hey hey…maata inave manchi pillave
Listen to me…you are a good girl

Sinna godave hey hey…sinna godave salla badave
It’s just a small fight…cool down

Bedhirimpulu thegathempulugaa…ellipoke break up loki
Don’t consider my taunts seriously…don’t  break up with me

Gadi yesina thalupulu theesi thirigostha neelokee
I will return into your dreams by entering the locked doors

I am a Lover also Fighter also ||3||

Seekatlo dhaakkunna neeloni premani…pattu batti bayata pette ligter also
I am a determined lighter who will bring out the love hidden in darkness inside you

I am a Lover also Fighter also

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