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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Muvvala Navvakala Song Lyrics Translation From Pournami

Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Sirivennela Sitarama Satry
Singers: S.P.Balu, Chitra


Muvvala Navvakala Song Meaning In English

Muvvala navvakala muddamandarama
Muggulo dinchakila mugdha singarama
Oh Beautiful flower, don’t melt my heart with a smile that sounds like tinkling bell
Do not lure me towards you with your angelic charm

Nelake natyam nerpave nayagarama…Gaali ke sankellesave
You inspired earth to dance…you have handcuffed the breeze with your grace

Nannila marchagala kalla ni sonthama…Idi nee mayavala kaadani anakuma
Is it your dream to turn me into a new happy person? This is your sweet trap…don’t deny

Asake ayuvu posave madhumantrama…Reyike rangunlu poosave
You have given life to the hope…and added colors to the dark

Kalisina parichayam oka roje kadha…Kaligina paravasam yugamula naatida
It’s been only a day since we met…but the blissful feeling is so strong as if we know each other from ages

Kalla tho chuse nijam nijam kademo…Gundelo yedo inko satyam undemo
What we see with our eyes may not be the truth…many be the real truth is hidden in the heart

|| Nannila marchagala ||

Pagilina bommaga migilina naa katha…Mari oka janma ga modhalavuthundhi ga
My story remained like a broken doll…With you, my life is starting again

Putako puttuka niche varam premega…Manalo nithyam niliche pranam thanega
Love is a boon that makes us reborn many times…love is what life is


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