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Saturday, 28 April 2018

I Wanna Fly Song Lyrics Translation From Krishnarjuna Yudham

Movie: Krishnarjuna Yudham
Music: Hiphop Tamizha

Lyrics: Sreejo
Singer: LV Revanth, Sanjith Hegde

I Wanna Fly Song Meaning In English

Naa kanule kanani aa kalaney kalisaa…nee valane bahushaa ee varasa
I have met a dream that my eyes never dreamt of…I think it is because of you

Naa yedhalo naligey oo prasney adigaa…ne vethikey sneham nee manasa
I asked a question that was jammed in my heart…are you the friendship I am searching for?

Oddu cheyraleni ee aley ae ae…dhaatuthondhi saagaraalane saagaraalane
This tide which is unable to reach the shore is now crossing over the oceans

Okka gundey inka chaaladhey ae ae…Kammuthuntey ee allarey ae ae
One heart is not enough for me…am overwhelmed with exuberance

I wanna fly, wanna fly nee sagamai sagamai…Naa nijamey yedhurai, pilichinadha
I wanna fly being a part of you…you are my reality

Love feeling it inside, Ee velugey varamai…Ye kadhalo vinani bhaavamidha
Love feeling it in side, this glow is a blessing…this a message that I never got from any story

Oohalakey sarihaddhulu levani ee kshanamey thelise…Andhukaney choopula vanthena pai hrudhayam parugidene
I just understood that there are no limits for imagination…so my heart is racing on a bridge connected between our eyes

Vennela kannaa challani segatho feel this moment sway…Nee veykuvalo vechhani oohai I’ll melt your heart away
With a breeze cooler than moonlight, feel this moment sway...being a warm fantasy of yours I will melt your heart away

Oka praanam,adhi needhavanee…girl your smile naa jagamavanee
Let my soul be yours and girl, let your smile be my world

Naa kanule kanani aa kalaney kalisaa…Nee valaney bahushaa ee varasa
I have met a dream that my eyes never dreamt of… I think it is because of you

|| I wanna fly||

Yay.. Baby lemme kiss you…caress you…hold you tight my baby boo
Never let you go away from me coz I got issues…well I miss you
But still I love the way you looking in my eyes…and say those diamonds and the buzz don’t matter to you bae
One love, one life, one wife and that’s it…True love from the heart…I trust you

Vethikaa neney nannu nee lokamlo…Nadicha needai prathi aduguu neetho
I searched for myself in your world…I walked every step with you like your shadow

Nee thalapu vidichey nimishamika naakedhurupadadhe…Arere chilipi madhikey thelisenika naa kalala baruve
I will never have to leave my thought about you, my playful heart understood the weight of my dreams

|| I wanna fly ||


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