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Monday, 16 April 2018

I Don't Know Song Lyrics Translation From Bharat Ane Nenu

Movie: Bharat Ane Nenu
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Shastry
Singer: Farhan Akhtar

I Don't Know Song Meaning In English

Lemme lemme go lemme go lemme go…go go go
Lemme lemme learn something interesting…on the go

Universe ane encyclopedia lo lo…telusukunna koddi untayi inka yennenno
In this encyclopedia called Universe, the more we learn there will be more to explore

Art of Living ante, Art of Learning ante…Naku thelisindhi o kontha…theliyandhi inkentho…I don’t know
Art of living is art of learning…I know only a little…there is more to know

I don’t know know know know… Know know know know know know
I don’t know know know know…Know know know know yenno ||2||
I don’t know many

Yenduko mari maatikokasari chengumandhi chepa neetininchi yegiri
Kotthagaalilo kotthasangathedo nerchukovadanikemo…I don’t know ah, I don’t know ah
Don’t know why fish is jumping out of water very often…may be to know what’s new in this air…I don’t know

Enni sarlu cheppina Good Morning, thaggade mari aa sun shining
Kottha matter yedho bhoomi nunchi roju nerchukunna velugemo…I don’t know ah, I don’t know ah
Though we say ‘Good Morning’ many times, the brightness of the sunshine doesn’t decrease
Many be that shine due to the knowledge sun has gained from earth…I don’t know

Only one thing I know…There’s so much to know
Wanna grow antu start ayye journey ki steering ye I don’t know
The steering for the journey towards growth is ‘I don’t know’

|| I don’t know || 2||

Kanti mundharunna adhbuthaalu yenno…vaatilona unna mystery lu yenno
Intha kaalam chusi choodakunna enni vadilesano…I don’t know yeah…I don’t know oh yeah
There are so many wonders in front of us…there might be many mysteries in them
All these years, I don’t know how may I have overlooked and didn’t learn about them

Question ai ee nimishamlo telusukunta teliyanivennoo
Nannu chere maru nimisham naakinkem nerputhundho…I don’t know, I don’t know
This minute, I want to be a question and want to know many unknown things
But by the time the answer reaches me, I will learn many more…I don’t know

On a bird’s eye view life ye learning avenue
Every day edho nerpinche refreshing anthem ye I don’t know
On a bird’s eye view, life is a learning avenue
It’s a refreshing anthem that teaches us new things daily…I don’t know

|| I don’t know || 2||

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