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Friday, 13 April 2018

Edo Jarugutondi Song Lyrics Translation From Fidaa

Movie: Fidaa
Music: Shakthikanth Karthick
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry
Singers: Aravind Srinivas, Renuka


Edo Jarugutondi Song Meaning In English

Thanalo unnadhedho edgurugane unnadhi…Ayina manasu dhanni polchalekunnadhi
What my heart wants is standing before of me…Yet, my heart is unable to recognize it

Thaane vethukuthondi dorikinatte unnadhi…Aina cheyyi chaachi andukokunadhi
I think my heart found what it was in search of…Yet, it is unable to reach it

Rammantunna, pommantunna…Vasthu unna, vacchesthunna
Though you want me to come or leave…I am coming, coming for you

Edo jarugutondhi yedhalo alajadi…Edho aduguthondhi yedhare nilabadi ||2||
Something is happening with me, an excitement in my heart…Something is being asked, standing right in front me

Gundelo idhemito kondantha ee bhaaram…Undaneedhu oorike ye chota ae nimisham
I feel the weight of a mountain in my heart…It is not letting me stay at a place even for a minute

Vintunnava,  naa mounanni?  Yemo yemo chebuthoo undhi
Are you listening to my silence?...It is saying something to you

|| Edo jaruguthondhi ||2||

Karigipothu unadhi…Innalla ee dhooram
The distance between us is slowly melting

Kadhaliponu annadhi…Kalalaanti ee satyam
This dream like reality doesn’t want to fade away

Naa lokamlo,  naa lokamlo…Anni unna, anni unna…Edho lopam nuvvenemo
Though I have everything in my world, there is something missing…and that’s you

Aa pai dhooram, em lekunna..Sandhehamlo, unnanemo
Now, Though there isn’t any distance left between us…I think I am still in a doubt

|| Edo jarugutondhi ||

||  Thanalo unnadhedho||

|| Edo jaruguthondhi ||2||

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