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Monday, 19 March 2018

Rangamma Mangamma Song Lyrics Translation From Rangasthalam

Movie: Rangasthalam
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Telugu Lyrics: Chandrabose

Singer: MM Manasi

Rangamma Mangamma Song Meaning In English

*Note: In this song Samantha teasingly complaints about her lover by narrating us different situations*

Oye Rangammaa Mangamma ||2|| Rangamma Mangamma em pilladu…Pakkane untaadammaa pattinchunkodu ||2||
Hey Rangamma! Mangamma! Why is this guy like this? Though he is with me, he doesn’t care for me

Gollabhama vachi naa goru gilluthunte ||2|| Pulla cheema kutti naa pedavi saluputhunte
Uffamma uffamma antu oodhadu…Utthamaatakaina nanu oorukobettadu ||2||
Grasshopper is pinching my finger and an ant has bit my lip
He doesn’t blow them off me… He doesn’t even console me for goodness sake

Pichi pichi oosulona munigi theluthunte…Marichipoyi mirapakaya korikinnanante
Mantamma mantamma ante soodadu…Manchi neellaina sethikiyyadu ||2||
Immersed in crazy thoughts, I absent mindedly took a bite of a chilly
As my mouth is burning with the spice, he neither looks at me nor hands me a glass of water

|| Rangama Mangamma ||

Hey raama silakamma regipandu koduthunte…aa regi pandu gujju vachi kothaga suttukunna
raika meedha paduthunte ||2||
Marakamma marakamma ante soodadu…Maaru raikaina thecchi iyyadu ||2||
Parrot is nibbling a berry on a tree and the pulp from the berry fell on the blouse that I am wearing
As I am worrying about the stain he neither looks at me nor gives me another blouse

|| Rangama Mangamma ||

Naa andhmantha mootagatti arey kandhi senukelithe…Aa kandhireegalochi aada eeda gucchi nannu suttu muduthunte ||2||
Ushamma ushamma antu tholadu…Ulakadu palakadu banda Ramudu ||2||
As I went to the farm with my bundle of beauty, a swarm of wasps surrounded me and started stinging me
He doesn’t shoo them away…This blunt man, does not respond at all!

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