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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Varsham Munduga Song Lyrics Translation From Sega

Movie: Sega
Music: Joshua Sridhar
Lyrics: Sree Mani
Singers: Sunitha Suzanne


Varsham Munduga Song Meaning In English

Varsham munduga mabbula garshana, manasuna musirine Idi mari pranayama pralayamaa
As it is about to rain, I can hear the quarrel of the clouds, it’s drizzling  in my heart…is this a sign of love or catastrophe?

Hrudayam ninduga naa ee sangarshana, nanne marichene Idi badho edo
My heart is filled with commotion…this grief is making me forget myself

Kunukemo dariki radu unukemo vadilipodu…Ye vintha parugu nado naa payanam mathram poorthavadu
I am neither able to sleep not let go of your thoughts, towards where am I running? This journey seems endless

Naa chentha nuvvu unte kaalam ki viluva ledu…nuvu dhooram aipothunte vishamanipinchenu ee nimisham
There is no value for time if you are with me…when you move away from me, this minute feels like poison

||Varsham munduga||

Pasi vayasulo naatina vithulu…Manakanna perigenu ethulu
The seeds that we sowed in our childhood grew into tall trees

Viraboosenu poovulu ippudu...Kosinderevappatikappudu
They are blooming flowers now…but who are plucking them?

Nuvu thodai unna nadu palakarinche daarulanni daari thapputhunnave 
The paths which greeted me when you were with me are now turning away

Naa kannulu kalaluga kolanulo…Kanneellatho jarenu enduku
The lake of dreams in my eyes is filled with tears…why is it so?

Naa sandhyalo challani galulu…Sudi galiga marenu enduku
Cool breezes in the evening have turned into violent storms…why is it so?

Inni naallu unna swargam narakam laaga maren… Ee chithravadha neeku undada

The heaven I am living in till now, turned into a hell…are you also going through this agony?

||Varsham munduga||


  1. Great lyrics by sri mani

  2. Someone translate yentha sakkagunnavae plzzz... I am a tamilan so I can't understand the song....

  3. unforgettable song ever


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