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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Ninnila Song Lyrics Translation From Tholi Prema

Movie: Tholi Prema
Music: SS Thaman
Lyrics: Srimani

Singer: Armaan Malik

Ninnila Song Meaning In English

Ninnila ninnila choosane, Kallalo kallalo daachane
Reppale veyyananthaga kanula pandagey
I looked at you and treasured you in my eyes
It’s a feast to my eyes, that they don’t even want to blink

Ninnila ninnila choosane, Adugule thadabade nivalle
Gundeloo vinapadindhiga prema chappude
I looked at you, am unable to walk steadily
I can hear the sound of love in my heart

Ninnu cheri poyee naa pranam, Korenemo ninne ee hrudayam
Naa mundhundhe andham, nalo anandham… nannu nene marchipoyela ee kshanam
My soul has reached you, My heart wants you
Beauty is in front of me, happiness is inside me…this moment is making me forget my self

Ee varshaniki sparshuntey nee manase thakenuga
Ee yadhalo nee pere palikele ivaale ila ||2||
If this rain has ability to feel, it will touch your heart
My heart is spelling your name again and again today

Tholi tholi preme dachey kalaa, chiru chiru navve aapey kilaa
Don’t hide your first love, don’t hold back your cute smile

Chali chali gaale veechenthala, Mari mari nanne cherenthaga
Ninnu nee nunchi nuvvu baitaku ranivvu…Mabbu theralu thenchukunna jabilammala
Let the cool air breeze and reach me
Don’t restrain yourself, let go and soar high like a moon that emerges from clouds

|| Ee varshaniki sparshunte ||2||

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