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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Mandaara Song Lyrics Translation From Bhaagamathie

Movie: Bhaagamathie
Music: S Thamman
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics: Sreejo

Mandara Song Meaning In English

Mandaara mandaara karige thellaarela kiranaale nanne cherela
The saffron color of the sky slowly melted at the dawn, allowing the sun rays to reach me

Kallara kallara choosthunna kallara sarikottha sneham darichera
I am witnessing it with my eyes…this new friendship that approached me

Alikidi chese naalo…Adagani prashne edho…Asaladhi badhulo emo…Adhi thelena
An unasked question is rumbling inside me…What will be the answer?

Kudhurugaa unde madhilo…Chilipigaa egire edhalo…Thelyani bhaavam…Thelisekatha maarena
My heart is generally calm, but now it’s jumping playfully! A sweet unknown feeling is changing my story

Nee venta aduge vesthu…Nee needanai gamanisthu…Naa ninnallo leni nanne ilaaga neelo chusthunna
I am walking along with you…watching your shadow, I am watching a new version of myself in you

|| Mandaara mandaara || 2||

Unikini chaate oopiri kudaa uliki padelaa undhe ilaa
I feel very differently…as if my breath, which signifies life will jolt up anytime

Kalalonainaa kalaganaledhe vidipothundhani aramarikaa
I have never dreamt that these differences of opinions between us will disappear

Kadalai naalo nuvve…Alanai neelo nenn… Okatai odhige kshaname adhi premena
You are an ocean inside me…I am waves inside you…Is this moment of togetherness love?

Kaalaalane maripisthu …Aanandhame andhisthu…Naa prayaanamai naa gamyanivai…Naa nuvvavuthunnaave
Making me forget time and bestowing happiness…you are turning into my journey, my destination and becoming mine

|| Mandaara mandaara || 2||


  1. Thanks for making the beautiful song to understand verbally

  2. Awesome and superb my favorite for ever

  3. My favourite song thnx for having this 😊😊

  4. Superb ...the translation is extraordinary. Really I thought many times why the poet used the word mandaara. You explained it. Thank you.grest

  5. This song has become my favourite.was really curious to know the meaning.thank you


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