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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Merise Merise Song Lyrics Translation From Hello

Movie: Hello
Music: Anup Rubens
Lyrics : Vanamali & Shresta

Singers: Hari Charan, Srinidhi Venkatesh & Shruthi Ranjani


Merise Merise Song Meaning In English

Merise merise merise…Aa kannullo edo merise
There is a spark in her pretty eyes

Aa manase murise murise…Aa sangathi naaku telusey
Her heart is elated with joy…I know it

Kurise kurise kurise…Navvullo vennela kurise
Moonlight is blooming in her smile

Idi kothaga maarina varasey…Aa sangathi naaku telusey
Something new is happening with her…I know it

Sannayi mogena ammayi gundelo ee reyi aashale regela
Music is playing in the girl’s heart this night, flaring up her desires

Ravoyi allari abbayi…Anduko na cheyi okkatai sandhadi chesela
Come take my hand…I am a naughty guy, let’s make this event fun filled

Dinak nak dhirana…thanku dina dinak nak dirana…Oho Dinak nak dirana…Jorsey dol bhajao na ||2||
Make some noise…Beat the drums harder & louder!

Rendu gundela chappudu okkatai…Moodu mulla muchata kaaga…Eedu jodu kalisi thodu needai saagaga
Heart beats of two hearts have united in this wedding of three knots, the couple will be companions for life

Yedu janmala bhandhamidhele…Yedu adugulu vesthu unte…chinna pedha antha sambaraale cheyaraa
With 7 steps taken together, this bond will continue for 7 more lives…this is a celebration for all

Aanandham puvvula maalaluga Idharini allesthu haayilo thelcheyga
Entwined by garland of happiness, both of them are floating with joy

Bhandhale ee prema janatanila pellilo bhandhinche kammani kannula pandugaga
It is a feast to eyes to watch these love birds getting hitched in presence of near & dear

|| Dinak nak dhirana ||

Arrey shaadhiyala vachera shuroo gitla pareshani, Samaj aitha ledha cheptha choodu o kahani
Pendli pindlagadu mundhu king leka thiruguthunde, Pendli ayyinanka aame kongu vatti oogudanthe
From the wedding day, problems will start…you didn’t get it? Will tell you a story
Groom was like a king before wedding, but afterwards he became her follower

Oye anthe…oye anthe
Oye!’s true

Aame mataladadhantadhi eyyakunte soap, andhagathelendharunna nuvve baby thopu antu gap leka pogadakunte roju gitla gadavadhanthe
She will not talk if you don’t praise her, even though there are many beautiful ladies around, you need to continuously flatter her saying she is the best, if not it will be tough day for you.

Anthe, anthe
It’s true

Aame goppalenno jeppaneeki thippalenno bettanante…Sappagunna life lona appu lolli thappadhanthe
Adiginannai cheeralinka nuvvu thecchi bettakunte, Maata needhi intiliona nadavanante nadavadhanthe
For her to boast about her lifestyle…you need borrow money on loan and make your simple life complicated. If you don’t buy her the sarees she asked for, she will not listen to you anymore

Anthe, anthe
It’s true

|| Merise merise merise ||

|| Dinak nak dhirana ||

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  1. Hi Team , thank you very much , please try to translate all the songs from the movie "HELLO" .Thanks a lot.


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