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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Family Party Song Lyrics Translation From Middle Class Abbayi (MCA)

Movie: Middle Class Abbayi  (MCA)
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Srimani
Singer: Jaspreet Jasz

Family Party Song Meaning In English

It’s a family party!
Light setting akkarle...Mike settultho panle...Manintine cheseddam disco techalle
There is no need of any lighting setup...mike set is not necessary...let's make our home a disco tec and have a family party

Night nine avvakkarle...Bayatikey yellakkarle...Illa manam clubaithe pub avadha ille
No need to wait till the clock ticks nine...we don't have to go out...if we all club together, our house becomes a pub

Eh happy ga gadipela eh foreign ko vellala...Manamunde chote ooty simla...gadapem datakkarla
We don't have to go on a foreign trip to spend good time, the place where we stay is a Ooty and Shimla for us

Ee vanke chale pilla mari monkeylaipoyela...manapedevadu adigedevadu chalo chalo mari cheseddam golaaaaaaaa
Let's become monkeys and play one will question one will stop us...let the fun begin!

It’s a family party ||4||

 Fast beat yesthavo romance paate pedathav... siggnedhuku dance ye che chuttu manavalle
Be it a fast beat song or a romantic without feeling shy, everyone around is our close ones

Kinda padi dhollesthavo gaalilo ganthesthavo...paithyamantha choopinche antha mana ille
It's you wish...if you want to roll on the floor or jump in the air...bring out the madness in you...this is our home

Ye jeans pant yeskunna arey ringa ringa chesko...arey pattu cheere kattukunna Kevvu keka antu nuvvu kummesko
Traditional wear or casual, Whatever be your outfit...just don't mind about it and dance like crazy

It’s a family party ||4||

Liquor undhi siddhanga kick neeke panchanga...nicker yesukochese Ille baaralle
Drinks are ready to give you some kick...feel free to have them thinking this place as a bar

Arrey uppu konchem plus aina kaarame minus aina...Inti vanta saatena five star hotalle
Even though the food is little spicy or lacks some is tastier than a five star hotel food

Ye boundary le leni ee bond ne love chesko...arey gunde ninda prema panche sontha vaadni kanti reppala choosko
Turn  bonds without any boundaries into love and take care of those who shower heart full of love on you...never let them go

It’s a family party ||4||

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