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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Anaganaga Oka Ooru Song Lyrics Translation From Hello

Movie: Hello
Music: Anup Rubens
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singer: Shreya Goshal

Anaganaga Oka Ooru Song Meaning In English

Anaganaga oka ooru, anukokunda oka naadu kalisaare pasivallu snehanga
Once up on a time, in a suburb…two kids met and became friends

Santhoshamantha rekkaluga rivvantu yegire pakshuluga aakasamantha aataadukuntu unnaru saradhaaga
Like the swiftly flying birds, with happiness as their wings they are joyously playing all around the sky

Okaremo seenu okaremo junnu…kalisaare prananga...kurisaare varshanga
One among them is Seenu and other is Junnu (their names)…they met soulfully and showered affection on each other like rain

Paatemo seenu aatemo junnu okatai yedhigaare madhuranga
Song is Seenu and dance is Junnu…both of them grew up caring for each other

Prapanchamantha thama illantu prathi kshanam oka pandugaga
Making this entire world their home, they are spending every moment as a festival

Kanneeru leni kalale kantu chinnari chelime balapadaga
With dreams without tears their friendship grew stronger

Thiya thiyyani oosulatho…Thela thellani manasulalo Katha ilaaga modhalayyega…Katha ilaaga modhalayyega
With sweet conversations and pure hearts their story thus started

|| Anaganaga oka ooru ||

Yegirina budagalalona chelime…urikina padavalalona chelime…Rangula ratnamlo chelime Chindhulu vesindhe
Friendship is dancing everywhere…in floating paper boats…in a merry-go-round

Minuguru velugulalona chelime...tholakari thenelalona chelime gaajula galagalalo chelime sandhadi chesindhe
Friendship is in the glow of a fire fly…in the first rains of the season…in the tinkle of the bangles

Ee gnyaapakaalanni nilechenu le…mee jeevithaaniki balamai nadipenule
All these memories will last forever and add strength to your life

Ee saakshyale anubhandhala bhavanaaniki sthanbhaale
These proofs of friendship are the pillars of your building of affection

Thelapani kaburulalona chelime…Thiragani malupulalona chelime…Dhorakani chepulalo chelime Dhosili nimpindhi
Friendship is filled in the untold words…in the paths that were not walked through…in the fishes that were not caught

Jarigina nimishamulona chelime…yeragani maru nimishana chelime…kaalam chekkililo chelime Chukkai merisindhe
Friendship is the moment that happened and even in the moment that is about to happen…friendship is shining as a star with time

Chinanaadu muripinche ee guruthule…Kanaraani dhaarini choope mee guruvule…Undaalantu ee bathukantha  maatalaki kattubade
These memories of childhood are your teachers of future…stay bound to your friendship lifelong

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