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Monday, 6 November 2017

Bommani Geesthe Song Lyrics Translation From Bommarillu

Movie: Bommarillu
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla
Singers: Jeans Srinivas, Gopika Poornima

Bommani Gisthe Song Meaning In English

Bommani geesthe neela vundi daggarikochchi o muddimandi
The picture I painted is resembling you…It is asking me for a kiss

Sarle papam ani daggarikelithe daani manase neelo undandi…Aa muddedo neeke yemandee
Considering the request as I went closer, it said that it’s heart is with you…so, it asked me to kiss you instead

Sarasaalaade vayasochchindi saradapadithe tappemundi
I have entered that stage of youth, where there is nothing wrong in being bit romantic

Ivvaalanee naakuvundi kaani sigge nannu aapindee…Daniki samayam vere undandi
I too want to kiss you, but am feeling shy...not now, some other time

Chaligaali andi cheliki vanuke pudutundi vechani kougiliga ninu alluku pommandi
This cool breeze is advising me to enclose you in my warm hug to reduce your shivering

Chaline tarimese aa kituke telusandi sramapadipokandi tama saayam vaddandee
I know a trick to ward off the cold, you don’t have to put any efforts for that…I don’t need your help

Pommantaave baalika vuntaanante toodugaa
Baby…You are asking me to leave when I want to stay with you

Abho yenta jaaliraa tamariki na miidaa
Oh…you have a soft corner for me!

Yemicheyallomma neelo yedo dagundee nee vaipe nanne laagindee
What should I do? There is something about you…it is drawing me towards you

Andanga vundi tanavente padimandi padakuda chudu ani naa manasantundee
My heart is saying that as you are beautiful, many guys might follow you and bother you, so its cautioning me to take care of you

Tamake teliyandi naa todai okatundi marevaro kadandi adi naa needenandee
There is something that accompanies me always to take care of me…that is nothing but my shadow

Neetho nadichi daarikee alupostunde jaanakee
Oh! I am tired of walking along and making my point

Ayyo alaka deniki naa needavu nuvvegaa
Why are you disappointed? You are my shadow!!

Ee mata kosam yennalluga vechundee naa manasu enno kalale kantondee 
I am waiting for this word for so long! Now My heart is busy in dreaming about us!

|| Bommani geesthe || 

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