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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Trendu Maarina Song Lyrics Translation From Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi

Movie: Unnadhi Okate Zindagi
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singer: Devi Sri Prasad

Friendship Anthem Song Meaning In English

Vunnadhi okate zindagi
We have only one life

Enni Ups and Downs vocchina Ee zindagi mottham
Manatho undevaade nizamaina friend…Happy Friendship Day
A true friend is one who will be with us lifelong…even through our Ups and Downs…Happy Friendship Day!!

Nikker nundi jeans loki marina…Cycle nundi bike loki maarina
Convent nundi college ki marina…Notebook nundi facebook ki maarina
Yera pilupu nundi babai pilupu dhaaka calling maarina
Friend anna maatalona spelling maaruna …feeling maaruna
Many things have changed in our life as we grew,
Childhood shorts  has changed into denim jeans, From then cycle to currently bike
School days changed into college days, from days of notebooks we came to an age of facebook
The closeness with which we refer our friend has also changed
But the spelling of friend will not change and so is the feeling.

Trend maarina friend maarade…End kaani bond peru Friendship ye
Though trend changes, friend remains the same…the bond which never ends is friendship

Trend maarina friend maarade…Gundeloni sound peru Friendship ye
Though trend changes, friend remains the same…the sound of the heart is friendship

Pulla ice nundu cream stone ki marina…Reditlo challadhanam Friendship ye
Though the days of stick ice cream changed into days of cream stone, the frostiness in both of them is friendship

Land line nundi smart phone ki marina…Maatallo chilipidhanam Friendship ye
Though the days of landline changed into days of smartphones…the naughtiness in the talks is friendship

Touring talkies nundi Imax ki marina…Pakka pakka seat peru friendship ye
Panchukunna popcorn Friendship ye
Though the days of touring talkies changed into days of Imax screens…sitting in adjacent seats and sharing popcorn in friendship

|| Trend maarina ||

Pencillla nundi pen drive ki marina…Nerchukunna subject Friendship ye
Though the days of writing with pencil  changed into days of using pen drive…The subject we learnt is friendship

Frooti la nundu beer loki marina…Pondhuthunna kick peru Friendship ye
Though the days of drinking frooti  changed into days of having beer…the kick which we get is friendship

Mottikaya nundi gatti punchloki marina…Noppileni theepidhanam Friendship ye
Anni orchukune amma gunam Friendship ye
Though days have changed from silly knocks on the head to hard punches…the painless sweet feeling is friendship
Tolerating everything patiently like a mother is friendship


  1. thank you so much bcoz I m a tamilan

  2. Thank you soo much. I don't understand telugu but love telugu songs. I'm from madhya pradesh.

  3. Thank you soon much ...I was searching a lott for this translation...

  4. I can't understand but I like Telugu songs of ram opruimen...I'm from Gujarat....~Asma

  5. Thank you so much bcz I'm marathi girl but Big FAN of Ram Pothineni...😘

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