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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Life Is A Rainbow Song Lyrics Translation From Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi

Movie: Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singers: Yazin Nizar & Priya Himesh

Life Is A Rainbow Song Meaning In English

Yellow ante Swecha…Orange ante Aasa
Yellow stands for Freedom and Orange for Hope

Blue ante Santosham…Red ante avesam
Blue stands for Happiness and Red for Outrage

Green ante Prasantham…Violet ante Pantham
Green stands for Serenity and Violet for Stubbornness

Indigo premala Siddantham…Rangulanni challina kagitham Jeevitham
Indigo stands for love…life is a paper smeared with colors

Life is a Rainbow…Rangullo Rangaipo ||2||
Life is a Rainbow…You be one of the colors

Guys tonight I am going to introduce to you all beautiful voice who’s going to rock you
Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome Mahaaa

Meghalamlaga modalayindi naaloni raagam…Danne vachi kadilinchindi O theepi Sneham
The melody of my heart raised like a cloud…it was touched by a sweet friendship

Merupaindi urumaindi innala Mounam…Vaanaindi Varadhaindi ee naati gaanam
Silence in me turned into thunders and lightening…today’s song turned into a rain and torrent

Naa oo paatemo vaanayi vaste meerantha oo velugai unte ||2||
Vaana Velugu Kalisina vela andhaala Hariville raadha
If my song is rain and you all are the sunshine,
The time when rain and sunlight appear together…a beautiful rainbow will appear

|| Life is a Rainbow || theeyani patavuthundi  swarame thodunte
Words would turn into a song when accompanied by a beautiful tune

Baadhe chivaraki balamouthundi chelime thoduntee
Sorrows will turn into your strength when a friend is with you

Hey Kadale Egase kalalavuthundi alale thodunte
Ocean will be soaring with dreams when accompanied by tides

Kalale kante nijamouthundi thapane thodunte
Dreams would turn into reality if you are determined

Nammakame nee thodai unte…Are nimishalanni nichena kava ||2||
If you step ahead with trust…every minute will turn into a ladder to success

Chirunavve thodai unte…nee chirunama hariville kaadha
If your smile is with you, rainbow will be your home

|| Life is a Rainbow ||

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