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Friday, 6 October 2017

Em Cheppanu Song Lyrics Translation From Nenu Sailaja

Movie: Nenu Sailaja
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Lyrics: Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry

Singerss: Karthik, Chitra

Em Cheppanu Song Meaning In English

Em Cheppanu Ninnela Aapanu...O Pranama Ninnela Vadhalanu
What should I tell you? How should I stop you?...Oh dear soul, how can I leave you?

Ye Prasnanu Yevarinemadaganu…O Mounama Ninnela Dhaatanu
Whom should I ask for the answers of my questions…O silence, how can I break  you?

Pedhala Paina Navvu Pootha Poosukunna Nene…Kanneetitho Evela Dhannela Cherapanu
I always graced my lips with a smile…How can I erase it today with tears?

Thana Gnapakamaina Thagadhani Manasunela Marchanu
How can I request my mind to change?... saying that it’s not right to have her memories anymore

Ee Premaki Emitee Veduka…Ye Janmaki Jantaga Undaka
What is this celebration to our love? That which is not uniting us even in our next lives

|| Em Cheppanu ||

Idhivarak Alavatu lenidhi…Manasuki Ee Mamatha Kotthadhi
I wasn’t used to this before…This love is new to my heart

Dorakaka Dorikindhi Ganaka…Chejaaruthunte Em Thochakunnadhi
I eventually gained your love…now that I am losing it, I am unable to think further

Oorinchina Neeli Mabbuni…Oohinchani Gaali Thakidi
Etu Vaipo Tharumuthunte…Kallara choosthu Ella Mari
When we are waiting for rain from a dark cloud above us, and suddenly if a gust of wind blows the cloud away
How can we stay calm looking at all this?

Yedari Vaipu Vellakantu…Aapi Vana Chelimi
Thadaaruthunna Gundeloki Ra Rammani…Thana Ventapadi Itu Theesukuraleva Oopri
Stopping the rain asking it not to go towards the desert,
Oh breath! Can’t you pursue the rain and get it to me? To quench the thirst of my heart

|| Ee Premaki ||

Na Manasuna Chotu Chinnadhi…Oka Varame Korukunnadhi
My little heart desired for only one wish

Adagakane Cherukundhi…Madhi Moyaleni Anubhandhamai Adhi
An overwhelming affection bonded with me though I did not ask for it

Nuvvicchina Sampadhe Idhi…Na Chuttu Allukunnadhi
Ninnu Kooda Nilipi Unchagala…Veeluleni Irukainadhi
You have gifted me this treasure of affections which weaved around me
But…there is no space to include you among them

Sudooramaina Aasalenno Cheruvauthu Unna…Avadhukonu Ninnu Veedi Ne Vellana
Many far away dreams are coming closer to me…to take them in,  should I leave you and go?

Pondhedhi Edho Pothunnadhedho Thelchedevvaru
Who will decide on what we should gain and what we should lose?


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