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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Baitikochi Choosthe Song Lyrics Translation From Agnyaathavaasi (PSPK25)

Movie: PSPK25
Music: Aniudh Ravichander
Lyrics: Sri Mani
Singer: Anirudh Ravichander

Agnathavasi Musical Surprise Song Meaning In English

Baitikochi choosthe time emo 3 o’ clock
Intikelle 12B route motham road block ||2||

When I stepped out and checked the time…it was 3 o’ clock

Road is blocked in the route 12B which leads to my home

Oye nee chethikunna bangles ye…Thalamesena sandals ye
The bangles of your hand are making sound in sync with my sandals

Walk way lo choosthe Puvvula rekkalu full ga kappese
Walk way is filled with flower petals

Corner lo coffee shop…Vedi vedi ga whistle ese
Coffee shop at the corner is whistling…steaming with hot coffee

Bus kitiki dhaggara…College student phone lo moge
A college student phone is ringing at the bus window

FM lo evvaro paadithe…Vollantha endhuko vugeney
When someone was singing on FM radio…my body swayed in accordance to the tune…don’t know why?

Apple pandula sooryude…Aeroplane la naa gundey
Sun is appearing like an apple and my heart is flying like an aero plane

Thelindhe gaalilo mabbula…Jaarindhe nelapai needala
It is gliding in the air like a cloud…and slid on to the land like a shadow

Mulle gucchele sudden gaa…Challagaale villian laa
This cold breeze as a villain is pricking me like a thorn

|| Baitikochi choosthe ||

Nee pakkanunna vela car horn kooda…Classical music aa
When I am with you…even a car horn sounds like classical music

Ee mandutenda kooda AC jalluthondhi…Nee navvuloni magic aa
Even the hot sun is spreading coolness like an AC…is this the magic of your smile?

Taxi hire chesi nuvvu…Beramaaduthunte cute gundhi basic ga
Basically it looks very cute when you hire a taxi and bargain the fare

Breaks vesinappudalla nee bugga nannu thaki…Sorry cheppe naazugga
Every time the brake is hit, your cheek touches mine and you delicately say sorry

Nuvvunna kitiki ye vaipo vethiki…WhatsApp chesthava
Will you whatsapp and tell me towards which side is your window?

Mabbulni kadhipi mohamaata petti…Chandhrudni thesthaga
I will move the clouds and bring the moon to you

|| Baitikochi choosthe ||

||Fm lo evaro padite||

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