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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Tring Tring Song Lyrics Translation From Jai Lava Kusa

Movie: Jai Lava Kusa
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Singer: Jaspreet Jasz and Ranina Reddy

Tring Tring Song Meaning In English

 Note:  This song has rhyming and entertaining lyrics which doesn't have any serious meaning. Hence just go with the flow of song and enjoy.

Tring tring…Tagadangu tring tring ||4||

Swapna sundhari…Swarnam manjiri…Choopu guchi chesinaave injury
O Dream girl…cluster of gold…you injured me with a glance of your eyes

Swapna sundari…Swarnam manjiri…Muddulichi chesukove century
O Dream girl…cluster of gold…Make it a century with kisses

Narallo mogutundhe clarinettu…Syringe guchinattu
A clarinet is echoing in my nerves…feels like a prick of syringe

Romance guffumandhi partuu part uu…Firangi pelinattu
Romance is effused from every part of me…like gun fire

Hot uu hot uu vayasu pai…Salt uu pepper eyakee
Do not sprinkle salt and pepper on my hot tender age

Tring tring tring mandhi gundelonaa… Tring tring tadangu tring tring
It’s going tring tring in my heart

Lets sing-u sing u sing-u dance-u thona
Lets sing with a dance

Tring tring tadangu tring tring…Tring tring tring

|| Swapna sundhari ||

Ishq satellite la chutti mutti thiragana…Disc moonlight lanti ninnu chusi
Looking at you who is like a disc of moonlight…I will revolve around you like a love satellite

Gahracholi kite la andhanattu egarana…Aavuru aavuru anna ninnu maaya chesi
Should I fly high like a kite tricking you, who is very eagerly waiting for me

Japan uu earth quake modhalaindhe…javani pongulona
An earthquake in Japan has started due to overflow of youthfulness in you

Pedhala french wine ponguthundhe…Oka intha panchukona
French wine is overflowing in my lips…should I give you a share?

Thermometer yee datuthundi matter ye
This matter is going beyond measure of thermometer

|| Tring tring ||

Cover page chirigina beauty magazine laa…Dull ayedhi bhoomi nuvu puttakuntee
If you weren’t born…this earth would be dull like a beauty magazine with a torn cover page

Hey glassloki origina bujji ice cube la…chill ayindhi body nuvu muttukunteee
My body sensed a chill when you touched me…like an ice cube dropped in a glass

Hey ravaana shaka vari hadhu meeri…gudhave poola lorry
Going beyond the limits of transport department…you hit a lorry of flowers

Limits lenidhanta naa Ferrari…Common brahmachaari
My Ferrari does not have any limits…Commom Bachelor

Breakuu leni dhookude…Aaputhundhi oopiree
This excitement without breaks is ceasing my breath

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