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Friday, 1 September 2017

The Breakup Song Lyrics Translation From Arjun Reddy

Movie: Arjun Reddy
Music: Radhan
Lyrics: Rambabu Gosala
Singer: Revanth

 Thelisene Song Meaning In English

Thelisene naa nuvve...naa nuvvu kaadhani
I eventually understood that you…who were mine are not mine any more

Thelisene nee nenu... nee nenu kaanani
I eventually understood that me…who was yours are not yours any more

Naalo sagam ika ledhu ani….naa ninnale nannu choosi navvele
My past is laughing at me as half of me is missing now

Marunaadu annadhe ika undhabodani…annadhee kshanam
This moment is saying that there is no hope of tomorrow for me

Naa praanam nuvve…Naa gunde nuvve…gundello mande nippai cheraave
You are my soul…you are my heart…you turned in to a fire in my heart

Oohalake theliyanide…jarigenule ipudelaa
Something beyond imagination has happened…how now?

Nuvvu nenu anu maate…ikapai undadhule entilaa
There is no more utterance of the words ‘You & Me’…Why so?

Thappu edho jarigene…reppa paatulo
A mistake has happened in the split of a second

Cheppaleni vedanagaa…uppenalle tharumuthonde
This agony which cannot be expressed is chasing me like a torrent 

Nuvvu lenidhe…mari nenu lenani…annadhee kshanam
The moment is saying me that without you i don’t exist

Naa antham nuvve…naa pantham nuvve
You are my doom…you are my defiance

Naa pantham enthaa…Ee vishwam antha ||2||
How much is my defiance…As big as this universe

This is what you want to see me right
Lady you know how it feels me au
Day and night all the time every day, killing myself my lady you know
I lost my world somewhere, you know where is it
I am dying all the day, losing my patience down
Can anyone just tell me who am i, better kill me i don’t need this shit


  1. Excellent movie - a Success story of a Devadas in life.Thank you soooo much for translating.

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  7. Amazing soundtrack with deep sensation! I'm from delhi, & listen to eng, hin & punjabi...but this album is something absolutely fantastic! 👏🎶


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