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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Oopiri Aaguthunnadhey Song Lyrics Translation From Arjun Reddy

Movie: Arjun Reddy
Music: Radhan
Lyrics: Rambabu Gosala
Singer: Revanth

Oopiri Aaguthunnadhey Song Meaning In English

Oopiraagutunnadhey...Unnapatuga ila
All of a sudden…my breath is ceasing

Dari em tochakunnade ninnu chudagaa ilaaa
I am unable to think as I see u like this

Tenchaleni sankelai  nee talape vadalade
Like the manacles(hand cuffs) that I can’t free myself from…your thoughts are not leaving me

Kanche leni kankshale ika konchalaipoye
All my limitless desires are now evaporated

Enchalenidi pochalenidi bandhamainadhi idhela
Our relation can neither be measured nor be compared

Kanulamusina terachi chusinaa shoonyamainade manalaa
There is nothing left though I open my eyes or close them

Naa adugulee...pade tadabatugaa...ea teeram cheruno ee payanamee
I am taking a step hesitantly…Don’t know at which shore my journey would end

Porapate chesindhe vidadesi ee kaalam ninnu nannu
Time has done a big mistake by separating you and me

Endhuki yedalo vintakalakalame vachi valeno needilaaa
Why did this turmoil erupt in my heart today?
Vedane intha sonthamayyela vadili podhemo needalaa
I have owned this pain so much that it won’t leave me and stays with me like a shadow

Aape veeledi leneledemo antha maayaina daarilo
In this path of illusion…we cannot control anything

Kaalam ee kadhane nadipindhemole…emo Idi maranamenemo
Time might have directed this story…this might be the end…death

Mounalu shoonyalu Kammesenee elaaa ninnuu nannuu
Silence and emptiness have engulfed you and me

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