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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Mama Ek Peg La Song Lyrics Translation From Paisa Vasool

Movie: Paisa Vasool
Music: Anup Roobens
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla
Singers: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Divya Diwaker

Maama Ek Peg La Song Meaning In English

I am a fan of NBK (Nandamuri Bala Krishna)…I have 101 Fever
My Nurse told me…Take Medicine

The word ‘Maama’ in telugu actually means either ‘Father-in-law or it can also be Mother’s Brother…but this word is used to casually refer a friend also.  In this song context, usage of word ‘Maama’ is in a friendly manner…similar to ‘Dude’.

Maama Ek Peg la…Arey Maama Ek Peg la
Maama…Get me a peg

Naagin dance||2||

Ey..Medicine teesukokunda…Nagini dance enti bey..itu ra..chudu
Hey..Why are you Performing Naagin dance without having your medicine? Come here

Idhigo idhigo boss uu…mila mila merise glass uu
Look here Boss…this is a sparkling glass

Andhulo 60 ml…rende ice cube uu
Pour 60ml in it with only 2 ice cubes

Esete soda esko…ledhante neelle posko
If you have, add soda…if not add water

Arey thippu thippu thippu…Now sippu sippu sippu
Swirl the glass and now sip

||Arey Maama Ek Peg la||

Nachina Girl friend hand isthe…Nammina friend uu band esthe
Vache tender uu miss aithe…Business motham dull aithee
When your girl friend leaves you…When your friend cheats you
When you miss a important tender…When your business is dull without profits

Enthentha chesthunna…inta bayata shantesthe
Ennenni isthunna…inka themmani gentesthee
Whatever you do…when people are not happy both at work and home
Whatever you give…When they ask for more

||Arey Maama Ek Peg la||

|| Arey thippu thippu||

Saami ranga baagundhi…picha pichaga nachindi
Gira gira thirigindi…Bhoomi kindaku jaarindi
Oh! This is good!...I am loving it!!
Its going round and round…ground underneath is sliding

Nallanavi anni neelanukunna…thellanavi anni paalanukunna
Madyalo inkoti undhani telisindi
I thought, all that’s black is water and all that’s white is milk
But now I got to know that there exists something in-between also

Eyy..Pamosthundhi tappukondi tappukondi
Hey move aside…snake is coming

Pakkodaasthi Kalisosthe…Pattindhalla Gold aithe
Donald Trump Phone chesi…America rammani pilichesthee
When you get more money than your neighbor…When whatever you touch turns into gold
When Donald Trump calls and invites you to America

Costly ga..kalagante…Morning kalla Nijamaithe
Ninnu vaddanna girlfriend ki…Sannasode mogudaithee
When you dreamt of a costly dream and that turns into reality in the morning
When the girlfriend who rejected you gets a bad husband

||Arey Maama Ek Peg la||

Tassa deeya Adhirindi…daarunanga ekkindi
Pranam egirindi…swargam chethiki tagilindi
This is awesome!!...I am totally tanked up
My soul is flying...I just touched heaven

Oogetollani bad ananukunna…Thoogetollani mad anukunnaa
Oorike thaagatledhu ani telisindi
I thought people who drink are bad and mad
Now I understood that they don’t drink without a reason

Shebaash..naa Naagini track loki vachesindi
Good… My Naagini now understood the concept

||Arey Maama Ek Peg la||

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