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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Dhooram Song Lyrics Translation From Arjun Reddy

Movie: Arjun Reddy
Music: Radhan
Lyrics: Ananta Sriram
Singer: Nikhitha Gandhi

Mangaluru - Mussoorie Song Meaning In English

Dhooram dhaggara chesthunnadhi...Inkaa istam penchindhadhee
This distance is bringing us is intensifying our love even more

Malli malli kalise thondharaa...Kaalaannainaa tharimesthundhadhi
This eagerness to meet again and again is pushing away the time

Aa dhikku ee dhikku...Maunamgaa okkataiyyaye
That direction and this direction have silently united

Naa ooru nee ooru...Manalni iha vearu cheyleve
Your place and my place cannot part us

Raa raa raa…Kaugilai... Raa raa raa…Oopirai ||2||
Come to me with a hug... Come to me and be my breath

Praanam rekkalu chaasthunnadhee...Neekai rivvuna vasthundadhi
My soul has opened up its wings...It is swiftly flying towards you

Neepai vaali nidhurinchaalani...Aakaashaanne Odisthunnadhi
To rest on you and sleep is even defeating the sky

Naadhaaka nuv vosthe...Needhaaka nenu vosthunte
When you come to me and I come to you

Ee dhesham ee lokam...Inkinkaa chinnavainaaye
This country...this world are getting tinier

|| Raa raa raa raarara ||

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  1. Please translate Jabili kosam (male version) song.. Please... Please...


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