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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Arere Yekkada Yekkada Song Lyrics Translation From Nenu Local

Movie: Nenu Local
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Srimani
Singers: Naresh Iyer, Manisha

Arere Yekkada Yekkada Song Meaning In English

Arere yekkada yekkada yekkada yekkada yekkada na pranam
Ee prasnaku nuvvele samaadhanam
Oh dear! Where is my heart?
You are the answer to this question

Arrere yeppudu yeppudu yeppudu yeppudu neetho na payanam
Ee prasnaku badhulega ee nimisham
Oh dear! When does my journey with you begin?
This minute is the answer to your question

Matalne mariche santosham…Paatalle marindhi prathi kshanam
With happiness beyond words…Every moment has turned into a melodious song

|| Arere yekada yekada ||

|| Arrere yeppudu yeppudu ||

Ningilo aa chukkalani…Okatiga kalpithe mana bomma kadha
When we join the stars in the sky…the result would be our picture…isn’t it?

Oh dharilo ee puvvulani…Jantaga vesina mana adugulega
All these flowers in this pathway are the footsteps that we walked together

Mabullo oo…Chinukulu manamanta
We are the raindrops from the clouds

Maname chereti chotedhaina…Ayipodha pudhota
Any place we reach would turn in to a garden of flowers

|| Arere yekada yekada ||

|| Arrere yeppudu yeppudu ||

Kallatho O choopu muddhe…Ivvadam nerputha nerchukova
I will teach you how to kiss with eyes…learn it

Pedhavitho pedhavulaki muddhe…Adagatam theliyani alavatu maarchava
Won’t you change the habit of not asking for kissing with lips?

Kaatukane dhiddhe velautha
I will be a hand that helps you in applying kajal

Aa vele patti ye vela …Nee venta adugestha
Holding that hand…I will walk along with you

|| Arere yekada yekada ||

|| Arrere yeppudu yeppudu ||

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