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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Radhamma Song Lyrics Translation From Nene Raju Nene Mantri

Movie: Nene Raju Nene Mantri
Music: Anup Rubens
Lyrics: Surendra Krishna
Singers: Vijay Yesudas, Ramya

Radhamma Song Meaning In English

Jogendra Jogendra ||3||…Jai bolo Jogendra
Hail ho! Jogendra

Maa raju maa mantri…Nuvve Jogendra
You are our king and our minister Jogendra

Radhamma Radhamma…raave Radhamma…Naa gelupu naa aanandham needelevamma
Come Radha…My success and happiness are yours

Radhamma Radhamma…maate vinavamma…Nimisham nuvu kanapadakunte mathi pothundhammaa
Radha…listen to me…if I miss a glance of you even for a minute, I will go crazy

Varala vaana swarala veena…Nijaanni chebuthunna
Are sandheham unte naa kallaloke…Sara sari chudamantunna
With showers of blessings and musical melodies around…What I said about you is true
If you have a doubt, look straight into my eyes

|| Radhamma Radhamma||

Nee kallaloke choostunte chaalu…Kaalanne marichi undipona
If I look into your eyes…I would forget about passing time

Kavugulla gudilio chotu iste chaalu…Deepaala velugai nindipona
If you give me some space in your embrace…I would fill in like the glow of a lamp

Nenu gelichede neekosam…Korukove naa pranamaina
I want to win anything for you…wish for anything you want…even my life

Pandu vennelalo aasathona…Nee thote uyyala oogali
My wish is to swing with you happily in moonlight

|| Jogendra Jogendra ||2||

|| Radhamma Radhamma||

Nee choope shantham…paluke sangeetham…Naakega sontham aa saantham
Your glace is peace…your word is music…all these belong to me

Nee navve andham…nee maate vedam…Punyala palitham nee bandham
Your smile is beautiful…your word is my order…This bond with you is the result of my good deeds

Nuvvu velleti dhaarantha…Poola vanamalle maaripodha
The path you walk turns into a garden of flowers

Ooru oorantha diste pedithe…Oo muddutho diste teeyana
If there is an effect of evil eye on you…I will ward it off with my kiss

||Jogendra Jogendra||

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