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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Oosupodu Song Lyrics Translation From Fidaa

Movie: Fidaa
Music: Shakthikanth Karthick
Lyrics: Chaitanya Pingali
Singer: Hemachandra


Oosupodhu Song Meaning In English

Her  sweet conversations doesn’t leave my mind… She doesn’t let me stay calm

She neither let’s me stay nor go

Vinthakhaidhu naakila emito
I am imprisoned in her thoughts…Why is this happening to me?

Soyi ledhu…solaneedhu
I am not in my senses…she doesn’t let me sleep

Veedipodhu cheri raadhu
She neither goes away nor comes closer

Chintha podhu naakila emito
This apprehension doesn’t disappear…Why is this happening to me?


Naanundi naa prename, Ila jarutonde….Thappena ee yathana
Nee vaipu ravalane…Ala urukuthondhe…Aagedhena are ee alochana
My soul is leaving me…how can I escape this pain?
It wants to be with you…that’s why it’s rushing towards you…will it change its mind?

Nee thalapule vadhalave…Nannu nidhuralonu
Thoughts about you doesn’t leave me even in my sleep

Aa marupuna theliyaka…Nanne vethikinaanu
Forgetting myself…I was searching for me

Valla kadhu…paalu podhu
I can’t take it anymore…I am unable to think further

She neither lets me stop nor go on

Venta raadhu naakila emito
She doesn’t come with me…Why is this happening to me?

Vela kaadhu…veelu ledhu
This is not the time…It is not possible

Ooha kaadhu…Orchu kodhu
It’s not a dream…She can’t bear it

Chentha ledhu naakila emito
She is not with me…Why is this happening to me?

|| Naanundi ||

|| Nee thalapule ||

Naa gundelo thondhare…Nanne niluvaneedhe
Yedhonaadu neetho cheppeyana
My heart is getting restless…it is not letting me stand
I will tell you all this one day

Nee pilipule kalaluga…Nannu tharumuthaaye
Aa kalavaram melakuvai…Nanne allukundhe
When I am asleep, your sweet words are chasing me in my dreams
When I am awake, your thoughts are surrounding me

|| Naa gundelo ||

|| Nee thalapule ||


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