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Friday, 4 August 2017

Kani Penchina Song Lyrics Translation From Manam

Movie: Manam
Music: Anup Rubens
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Singer: Bharath

Idi Prema Song Meaning In English

Kani penchina maa ammake ammayyaanugaa
For the mom, who gave me birth and raised me…I am her mother now

Nadipinchina maa naannake naannayyaanugaa
For the dad, who taught me how to walk…I am his father now

Okaridhi kannu okaridhi choopu…Iruvuri kalayika kanti choopu
One of them is eye and the other is vision…both of them together form the vision of my eyes

Okaridi maata okaridi bhaavam…Iruvuri kadhalika kadhipina kadha
One of them is word and the other is its meaning…both of them together form the story of my life

Idhi premaa premaa...Thirigoche thiyyagaa
This is love!...It came back to me dearly

Iddi premaa premaa…Edhuroche haayigaa
This is love!...It found me happily

Idhi manasuni thadimina…Thadipina kshanamu kadhaa
This is the moment that touched my heart the most

A, Aa, e, ee nerpina…Ammaki guruvunu avuthunnaa
I am turning into a teacher for my mother who taught me alphabets

Adugulu nadakalu nerpina…Naannaki maargam avuthunnaa
I am turning in to a path for the father who taught me walking

Pillalu veelle avuthundagaa…Aa allari nene choosthundagaa
I am witnessing the mischief of these kids who are my parents

Kannollatho nenu chinnodilaa…Kalagalisina egasina bigisina katha
I am spending time with my parents like a kid…This is a story close to my heart

|| Idhi prema prema || 

Kammani buvvanu kalipina chethini devatha antunnaa
This hand which fed me tasty food is my goddess

Kannula neetini thudichina veliki kovela kaduthunnaa
I would build a temple for this hand which wiped my tears

Jolalu naake paadaarugaa…Aa jaalini marichi polenugaa
You both sang lullabies to me…I would never forget your affection

Meeroopinaa aa ooyala naa…Hrudhayapu layalalo padhilamu kadha
You swayed me in the cradle of love…all these moments are treasured in my heart

|| Idhi prema prema || 

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