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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Enno Enno Bhaavaley Song Lyrics Translation From Yudham Sharanam

Movie: Yudham Sharanam
Music: Vivek Sagar
Lyrics: Sreshta
Singer: Pradeep Kumar

Enno Enno Bhavaley Song Meaning In English

Enno enno bhaavaale…Penavesey yedhalo raagale ||2||
Many feelings…These interweaved emotions in the heart

Pulakinche bhandhalanni okatai…Aalakinche aanandhala paate
It is a joyful song to hear when our dear ones unite in happiness

Kanabadaga…kanabadaga swargam, Kadhile ee kshaname…Kaadha oka varame
With so much love around…it is heaven, This moment is a blessing from god

|| Pulakinche ||

|| Enno enno ||

Ee veeche gaale kore…Oo karige kaalam aagi…Undipova eppudilaage
This soothing breeze is appealing the melting time to freeze and stay same forever

Chirunavvula vennelaloni…Ve vannela vannelu anni…Nemmadhiga bandheelaiponi
In this moon like radiance of smiles…let these beautiful moments be slowly captured

Ee chakkani chithram loni…O chilipi varnam nenai…Ellappudu sandhadi cheseyni
In this lovely painting of life…let me be a naughty color and spread joy always

Madhi kore aashe tharamaga…Kanipinche maaram
With the desire of heart chasing…the persistence emerges

Yedha chese bhaase nimaraga…Olikinche gaaram
When the promise made by the heart is remembered…love is spread

Anuvanuvu naalo enno padhanisale…Palike paravashame
This joy is the reason for the musical harmony in every inch me

|| Pulakinche || 

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