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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Choosa Choosa Song Lyrics Translation From Dhruva

Movie: Dhruva
Music: Hiphop Tamizha
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singers: Padmalatha, Sniggy

Chusa Chusa Song Meaning In English

Choosa Choosa Choosa oka hrudayanne hrudayanne
I have seen a beautiful heart

Kalisa kalisa kalisa aa hrudayanni hrudayanni
I have finally met that heart

Adugulu vesa vesa hrudayamutho hrudayamutho
I walked along with that heart

Andincha na hrudayam aa hrudayamuke
I have bestowed my heart to his heart

|| Choosaa Choosaa ||

Na maatalanni nee peruthone nindali tiyaga
All the words I speak should be filled with your name…It will sound very sweet

Na baatalanni nuvvunna chote agali hayiga
All the paths I take should end at where you stand…that makes me happy

Oopiralle niku toduga undali anna chinna korika
I want to be with you forever like your breath…that is my little wish

|| Choosaa Choosaa ||

Ma ma  matalade okkati, chi chi chindulese okkati
We talk…We dance

This is the story of the two little hearts…come on

Maatalade okkati , manam marokati,chindulese okkati
We talk…We are different…We dance

Sthiranga okkati, dookutondi okkati, dooranga okkati
We relax…We jump around and enjoy…we part

Premalle okkati prasnalle okkati
We love…we question

|| Choosaa Choosaa ||


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