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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Boom Boom Song Lyrics Translation From Spyder

Movie: Spyder
Singer: Nikhita Gandhi
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

Boom Boom Song Meaning In English

Boom boom bam bam ||2||…Bhookampala shabdhame
It is the sound of an earthquake

Kutra gutra puttelopey…Ittey kaadha anthamey
Evil would be destroyed even before it rises

Gaalo kannai gasthi kaase…Ghoodachari veedule
He is a secret agent who spies even in the air

Ayye thappu vacche muppu…Anni chedhisthadule
He is ready to handle the mistakes that happen and dangers that arise

SPY vacchadoi…Rayyarai thayyarai ||2||
SPY has come…he is ready for the action

Dori dori don’t you worry…Here is prince of raathiri
Don’t you worry…he is the prince of night

Veede unte bhayame ledhu…Navvesthundhi oopiri
There is no fear when he is with us…breath smiles

Chattam shirtu naligipothe…Chesesthadu isthiri
When the shirt of the law is ruffled…he irons it

Pantham patti yedhurochado…Yevade aina history
If he confronts anyone stubbornly…That guy would become history

|| SPY vacchadoi ||

Marvel comics veedni choosinaka raasaremo
Marvel comics would have been scripted after knowing about him

Hogwarts lo ee monagaadu…Patta gaani pondhademo ||2||
This brave one might have received a honors degree from Hogwarts

Theme music akkarleni…Massy herone veedu
He is a hero who doesn’t need any theme music

Punch edhi veyyakunda…Claps aye kottisthadu
He would receive applause even  without punch dialogues

Bhayamunu bomb ga chesthadu…Hrudhayamu lopala pedathadu
He turns fear into a bomb and places it in the heart

Thelivitho aade panivaadu…Gelupuki veede thanavadu
He plays with the witty…he is a close comrade of success

Veediki vinapadakundane…Cheemalu chitikelu veyyavule
Ants cannot make a sound that he can’t hear

Veedini anumathi adagandhe…Krimulika vyapinchavu asale
Germs will not spread without his permission

|| Boom boom ||

Who’s that guy?...My my my…He’s the SPY…Fly fly fly ||4||

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  1. Thank u for such translations.there are many north indian fans of south indian actors.we love their work and songs.these songs help us to connect with them more

  2. Hi...Thanks for your comment. Happy that our translations are helping you

  3. Soo true...such a great work and patience...really helps us to connect more


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