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Monday, 24 July 2017

Vachinde Song Lyrics Translation From Fidaa

Movie: Fidaa
Music: Shakthikanth Karthick
Lyrics: Suddala Ashok Teja
Singers: Madhu Priya, Ramky

Vachinde Song Meaning In English

Vachinde pilla mellaga vachinde…Cream-u biscuit yesinde
He has come…O girl…he tried to impress you

Gammuna koosoniyyade…Kudhuruga nilsoniyyade
He neither lets you sit silently nor stand steadily

Sanna sannaga navvinde…Kunuke gayab chesindey
He smiled lightly making you sleepless

Muddha notiki pokunda…Masthu diturb chesindey
You are unable to eat properly as he has disturbed you a lot

Pilla renuka pilagaadocchinde…Dinner annade date-u annade
Hey girl…your guy has come…he is asking you out for a dinner and a date

Yelu patti polu thirigi…Ninnu ulta seedha cheshindey
Holding your hand...getting naughty…he is making you restless

||Vachinde ||

Magavallu masth chaalu ||2||…Maskalu godatha untare
Men are very cunning…they try to flatter you

Nuvvu enna poosa lekka…Karigithe anthe sangetha
If you melt for their false praises…that’s not good

Osari sare antu, Osari sorry antu…Maintain nuv chesthe…Life antha paduntaade
If you can maintain the balance of saying ‘ok’ sometimes and ‘sorry’ sometimes…he will be with you lifelong

||Vachinde ||

Aiyy baboi entha podugo ||3||…Muddhu letta icchude ||2||
Oh my!! He is very tall! How can you kiss him?

Thana mundhu nicchanesi…ekkithe kaani andhade
You can reach him only with the help of a ladder

Paruvaale nadum patti, paiketthi muddhe pette techniques ye nakunnai le…pareshane neekakkarle
It’s not a problem…I have my techniques of lifting you up with my hands and kissing…you don’t have to worry about it :P

||Vachinde ||

||Pilla renuka ||

Arey o pilla inka nuvvu…Nelanidichi gaali motor lo
Hey girl…now you will fly in an aircraft leaving this land


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