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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Andamaina Lokam Song Lyrics Translation From Shivam

Movie: Shivam
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Bhaskara Bhatla
Singers: Hari Priya, Sagar


Andamaina Lokam Song Meaning In English

Hey girl hey girl…I wanna say something
Will you listen to me now
Hey boy hey boy…I wanna be your thing
Tell me all that you wanna say now

Andamaina lokam andulona nuvvu adbutham
Andukega ninne korukundi chini pranam
This is a beautiful world…and you are a wonder in it
That’s why my little soul wants to be with you

Andamaina bhavam andulo nuvvu modati aksharam
Andukega neeto sagutondi chinni padam
It’s  a beautiful feeling and you are the first syllable of it
That’s why my little foot is following you

O cheli anarkali ne navvule deepavali
Peruke nenunnadi na oopire nuvve mari
O dear…you smile is a celebration to me
Though I live…my soul is you

Chandamama nevvarina pattapagalu chudagalara…Ninnu nenu choosinattuga
Can anyone see the moon during the day??? But I can see…that’s you

||Andamaina lokam||

||Hey girl ||

Ora choopuki longi povadam…Dora navvuke pongi povadam
Prema lone nerchukunna ratiranta melukovadam
I am surrendering for a loving glance from you…I am overjoyed with a smile of yours
Staying awake all night…I have learnt all this after falling in love

Ninnu nalo dachukovadam…Nannu neelo chusukovadam
Namma leka nannu nene appudappudu gillukovadam
I am hiding you in my heart…I am looking at myself in you
Unable to believe all this, I am pinching myself to confirm if this is real

O cheli anarkali bagunnadi hadavidi
Nenila vinalani innala nunchi kalau kannadi
O dear…I like your excitement
I was waiting all this while, to hear these words from you

|| Andamaina lokam ||

Poota pootaku pandagavvadam…Mati matiki navvukovatam
Premalona telutunte kastamele tattukovadam
It’s a festival to me every hour…I am smiling all the time
Sailing in love, it’s hard to get along all these

Dindunemo hattukovadam…Juttu ringulu teepukovadam
Prema pichche regutunte tappademo dari tapadam
Hugging the pillow…fiddling with the hair
When craziness of love is in the air…it’s obvious to go in the wrong way

O cheli anarkali tamashagundi le idi
Anduke sara sari manassu ichchi puchchu kundadi
O dear…All this is so much fun
That’s why…straight away we have exchanged our hearts

|| Andamaina lokam ||

|| Hey girl ||

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