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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pandagala Digivachavu Song Lyrics Translation From Mirchi

Movie: Mirchi
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Singer: Kailash Kher


Pandagala Digivachavu Song Meaning In English

Pandagala digivachavu…Praanaalaku velugichavu…Rakthaanne erupekkinchavu
You have came down for us like a festival…you have enlightened our lives and intensified the fire of our blood

Maa thoduku thodayyaavu…Maa needaku needayyaavu…Maa ayyaku andai nilichaavu
You have become our companion, our shelter…and also stood as a support to our master

|| Pandagala digivachavu||

Ayyante anandam ayyante santhosham…Maa ayyaku ayyanni nuvvu
Our happiness and joy is our master…But his bundle of joy is you

Kalisochina ee kaalam varamichina ullasam…Ittage padikaalaalu undanivvu
This good time and blessed elation should remain with us forever

|| Pandagala digivachavu||

Oo jolaali analede chinanaadu…Ninnepudu ee oori uyyala
The swing of this village never sang a lullaby for you in your childhood

Ooo nee paadam muddaadi pulakinchi poyinde ee nela iyyaala
Today…with the touch of your feet, this land is filled with jubilation

Maa palle bathukullo maa thindi methukullo nee preme nindaala
Your love is filled in our lives and in our food

Oo maa pilla papallo maa inti deepaallo nee navve choodalaa
Your smiles should reflect in our children and light up our homes

Gundekaligina gunamu kaligin ayya kodukuvu gaa
You are the son of our master with caring heart and good virtue

Veru moolamu vethiki maa jatha cherinaavu ilaa
By finding the origin of your roots, you entered into our lives

|| Pandagala digivachavu||

Oo pedavullo vennellu gundello kanneellu innaallu innellu
How long should we live with smiles on the lips and tears in our hearts?

Ooo acham ga nee valle maa saami kannullo choosaamee kiranaalu
We witnessed the rays of happiness in our master’s eyes…and the reason is you

Ye daivam pampaado nuvvochina velugullo murisaayi mungillu
We don’t know which god has sent you to us…but with warmth of your arrival our homes are filled with joy

Maa punyam pandela ee paina memantha nee vaallu ainollu
We are blessed that we have become your dear ones

Adigimopina ninnu choosi adiri palanaadu
The enemy land would be frightened with your footstep

Ika kalugu daati bayita padaga bedara pagavaadu

Our rivals would be scared to come out of their hideout


  1. Can you please translate this slow melody song please.Don't know the movie but it is awesome.

  2. Can you please translate Oka Lalana song from Jo Achuthananda movie.It is as melodious as Em sandeham ledu song.can you make it plzzzzzzzzz.

  3. Nice song sang by Kailash kher sir
    I love this mirchi movie and the song too


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