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Monday, 26 June 2017

Evare Song Lyrics Translation From Premam

Movie: Premam
Music: Rajesh Murugesan
Lyrics: Shree Mani
Singer: Vijay Yesudas

Evare Song Meaning In English

Thelavarithe kanureppala tholi melakuva nuvve…Naa guppedu gundello chiru chappudu nuvve
As the sun rises, you are the awakening to my eyes…In my little heart, you are the sound of my heartbeats

Polamaarithe nee manasuki adhi naa porapaate…Nee pere palakadame pedhavula kalavaate
It’s my mistake if your heart constantly thinks of me…My lips constantly spell your name

Vennelala untundhe nee pakkana chhote, Vekuvala choosthundhe nuvu nadichina baate
The place next to you is like a moonlight to me…The path you have walked is like a daylight to me

Praanaale theestundhe nee oohala thote…Naa manase needhayyee vinadhe naa maate
Dreaming about you, my soul is swiftly sailing…My heart has become yours and not listening to me anymore

Evare evare premanu maayandhi…Evare ee haayiki hrudhayamu chalandhi
Who said that love is just an illusion?...Who said that heart is enough to relish this bliss?

Evare ninne naa vaipu nadipey…Naa oohala madhurohala harivillu nimpe
Who made you walk to towards me?...Filling my thoughts with beautiful rainbow

Thiya thiayyani nimishaale neelona oompe…Naa ontari kaalaanne neethona cheripe
Adding sweet moments with you…by spending my lonely time with you

Aa dhaivame naaku cheppindhi epudo…Nee chinni chirunavve viluvaina varamantoo
God has informed me long back that your sweet little smiles are my priceless treasures

Naa praname neeku cheputhundhi ipudu…Nuv leka nee lenani
My soul is telling you now…that I can’t live without you

Gadhi laanti madhilo nadhi laanti nine…Dhaacheyaalanukunte adhi naa athyase
It would be greedy of me, if I try to hold a river like you in a small room like my heart

Adugantha dhooram nuvu dhooramaina…Naa oopiri chirunama thelipedhevare
If you distance from me, even a little…who will tell whereabouts of my soul?


|| Vennelala ||

|| Praanale ||


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