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Monday, 5 June 2017

Darlingey Song Lyrics Translation From Mirchi

Movie: Mirchi
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Singers: Geetha Madhuri, Devi Sri Prasad

Darlingey Song Meaning In English

 Note: After receiving numerous requests for this song, translation for it is finally attempted. This song has very funny and entertaining lyrics which doesn't have any serious meaning. Hence just go with the flow of song and enjoy.

Neetiloni sepochi nelameeda paddattu, Manasemo gilla gilla kotteskuntande
Darlingey osina darlingey Darlingey enti ee feelinge
My heart is wobbling like a fish that  just jumped out of water onto the floor
O my darling, what is this feeling?

Thokka meeda kaalesi nee ollo paddattu, Masth masth scene ye raathiri kallokochinde
Darlingey orinaa darlingey darlingey endukee feelinge
I dreamt of an amusing scene in which skidding on the floor I landed in your lap
O my darling, why this feeling?  

Sachin baate techi sixer peekesinatte, Burra gira giramande darlingey
My mind is swirling like a sachin’s bat when he strikes a sixer

Rubber moothe petti gaaju seesa lo kukkesinattu ukka posesthaande raaro darlingey
I feel like being stuffed in a glass bottle with a tight cork…come to me my darling

Chesina waiting chaalle kani Ippatikippudu pettave meetinge
Enough of this waiting, let’s have a meeting

Darlingey osina darlingey
Darlingey vegiraaye darlingey||2||
O my darling…come quickly

Nuvvo chichu buddi neno aggipulla, raaye pilla mogincheddam deepavali motha
You are a cracker, I am a match stick…let’s have a diwali blast

Nuvvo katthi peeta nenemo apple anta, nee para para choopula kotha naaku istamanta
You are a knife, I am an apple…I like the sharpness of your eyes

Gulf scent buddalle guppu guppu mannave, onti ninda challeskunta raave darlingey
You have a gusting fragrance of a gulf perfume, I would spray you all over me

Gampa kindi kodalle pootako muddichi theraga penchukunta raaro darlingey
Like a pet hen, I will look after you dearly


Oo jadlo thurumukunna malle poola dande naligi,Vila vila ninnu thitte roju eppatikosthadabbi
Pedholichukunna paatha pandiri mancham virigi gollumante time thondarlone raanunnade baby
When will the day come when the flowers of my braid get squashed and I scold you for doing so
The time that our old cot is broken into pieces is very near

Utti meedi bobbattu notilona padettu aavuraavurantu edo chesey darlingey
Eyya katthi lanti nee vayasu…rangu rangu pulla ice taste ye choosesukuntanu vachey darlingey
Do something that feels like eating a sweet that is just out of the pan
I will savor the colorful ice cream and also your tender youth

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  1. Can you translate O Manasa song from Oka Manasu movie pleaseeee


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