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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Mellaga Tellarindoi Song Lyrics Translation From Sathamanam Bhavati

Movie: Sathamanam Bhavati
Music: Mickey j Meyer
Lyrics: Srimani
Singers: Anurag Kulakarni, Ramya Behara, Mohana Bhogaraju

Mellaga Tellarindoi Song Meaning In English

Mellaga thellarindo ela…veluthure techesindo ila, Bosi navvulatho merise pasi paapalla
First ray of sun has slowly arrived bringing in the radiant light, which shines like babies with innocent smiles

Chedhatho bavulalo gala gala...cheruvulo bathula eethala kala...chedugaunna vepanu namilevela
It is the time of the day when water are drawn from wells, when ponds are filled with ducks and when the neem sticks are chewed

Chutta poga manchullo…chuttala pilupullo, maatale kalispesthu manasara
Mamathalli pandinchu…Andinchu hrudayam la
Surrounded by early morning fog and calls of the dear ones,
Let’s talk wholeheartedly by sharing the affection prospered by our hearts

Chalimantalu aarela…gudi gantalu mogela...subrabhathale vinavela
Guvvalu vache vela…navvulu teche vela...s
wagathalavigo kanavela
It’s time when
bonfires goes off…temple bells ring and the prayers start
It’s also time
when the birds show up…smiles appear…look at how the day welcomes you

Polamare polamantha…ennallo nuvu thalachi
Kalamaare oorantha…ennello nuvu vidachi
These green fields are waiting for you…it’s been long since you thought of them
This place has changed a lot…it’s been long since you left

Modhata andhina devudiganta, modhati bahumathi pondina pata
Thaayilalaku thaha thaha ladina Pasi thaname guruthosthunda
That temple bell which you rang for first time, that song for which you won your first prize
Are you recollecting your childhood when little things made you happy?

Inthakanna thiyyanaina gnapakale, dachagala rujuvulu enno ee nilayana
This place holds a trail of your sweet memories

Nuvv oogina uyyala ontariga oogala…nuvvedigina ethe kanapadaka
Nuvvadina dongata bengalle migalala…nannevaru vethike veelleka
This swing of yours is now swinging alone, as it is unable to see the heights you have reached
The hide and seek game you used to play is very sad…as there isn’t anyone to play with

Kannulake thiyyadanam ruchi choope chitrale, savvaditho sangeetham palikinche selayelle
This place introduces many wonders to our eyes,these streams make music with their flow

Puvvula chettuki undho bhasha…alala mettuki undho bhasha
Arthamavvani valle lere…andham mattade bhasha
Every flowering tree has a language…so does the tides of an ocean
There isn’t anyone who cannot understand this language of beauty

Palakarimpe pulakarimpai pilupinisthe, paravasinchadame manasuki thelisina bhasha
Heart knows the language of the happiness that comes from the words of loved ones

Mamathalu panche ooru…emiti dhaniki peru…palletoorega inkevaru
Premalu puttina oooru…anuraganiki peru…kadhanevalle lerevaru
A place which shares love…what is its name? It’s a village
This is a place where love is born…it’s known for its affection…no one denies it

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