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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

It's A Crazy Crazy Feeling Song Lyrics Translation From Nenu Sailaja

Movie: Nenu Sailaja
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: ramajogayya Sastry
Singer: Prudhvi Chandra

It's A Crazy Crazy Feeling Song Meaning In English

Compound wall ekki phone matladutunte…china wall ekki moon thakinattundhey
Sitting on a compound wall, when I am on a call with you…it feels like touching the moon sitting atop china wall

Morning levagane ni message chustuntey…Mount Everest ekki selfi diginattundey
As I wake up in the morning and look at your message…it feels like taking a selfie on Mount Everest

It's a crazy crazy crazy crazy feeling ||4||

Road side nithoti Pani puri thintuntey…plate ki koti ina cheap anipistundey
When I am having road side pani puri with you...even a crore rupees per plate sounds cheaper to me

Ni shirt bagundani O maatey nuvvantey…kuttina vadiki gudi kattalanipistundey
When you compliment my shirt...I feel like building a temple for the tailor

It's a crazy crazy crazy crazy feeling ||4||

Ninna monna daaka super unna figure ye...ninnu chusinaaka so so gunde
Girls seemed beautiful till yesterday...after I met you, they seem average to me

Roju nannu mosey na bachelor bike ye...nuvvu yekkinaka i'm happy andey
This bachelor bike of mine, which carries me happy now after you took the back seat

Wrong route antu case rasi SI...peru cheppamante gantattindey
When the police asked my name for taking a wrong route...thinking of you, it took me an hour to answer them

Ninnu natho chusi boys lona jealousy…perugutumte oscar win ayinattundey
As the boys growing jealous when they see me with you...i feel that I won an oscar

Sorry Hari no anna ammailandarini...weekend party ki pilavalani vundey
I want to invite all the girls who rejected me to a weekend party

Fast forward chesi mana iddhari future ni...Imax lo vallaki show veyyalani vundey
I want to fast forward to our future and show it to them on a big IMAX screen

Crazy crazy crazy crazy feeling
Baby niku naku madhya love dealing||2||
Baby…it’s a love deal between you and me

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  1. Thank you. It's a awesome song . Thank you once again. You have done a great job. Keep it up

  2. Can u pls translate this song to female version

  3. Awesome song with a faduuu lyrics..i just love this song ...


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