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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Dandalayya Song Lyrics Translation From Baahubali 2

Movie: Baahubali 2
Music: M.M Keeravani
Lyrics: M.M Keeravani
Singer: Kala Bhairava

Dandalayya Song Meaning In English

Padamara kondallo...vaalina sooreeda
You are our sun resting on the mighty western mountains

Pagilina kotalane...vadilina maaredaa
You are our king who has relinquished the breached fortress

Tadisina kannullo malli udayinchi...kalalo devudila kaapai untava
Rise again from our teary eyes and protect us like our god

Nee adugulake madugulu...votthe vallam
We will follow your footsteps

Nuvvante praanam icche vallam memayya
We would bestow our lives to you

Dandaalayya dandalayya...maathone nuvvundaalayya ||2||
Hail to the king!...We hope that you will always be with us!

Tamanele raajunu mose, bhagyam kaligindanukuntu
Ee bandalu gundelu pongi, pandaga aipoda
These rocks will be overwhelmed with joy, for being fortunate enough to stand the weight of their ruler

Tanu chindinche chematalo tadise, punyam dorikindanukuntu
Pulakinchina ee nelantha, pacchaga aipoda
This land will be elated and flourished with greenery, for being glad to be drenched in your hard work

Nee maatte ma maatayya..Nee choope saasanamayya
Oh dear king!! Your word is our word...your glance is our command

Maa raju nuvve,  tandri nuvve, kodukku nuvve
Maa aayuvu kuda needayya
You are our king, father and also our son
Our life is yours

Dandaalayyaa dandalayya...Maarajai nuvvundaalayya||2||
Hail to the king! You should always live like our king!

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