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Friday, 16 September 2016

Pranamam Song Lyrics Translation From Janatha Garage

Movie: Janatha Garage
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Pranaamam Song Meaning In English

Pranamam pranamam pranamam
Prabhatha suryudiki pranamam
Salutations to the morning sun

Pranamam pranamam pranamam
Samastha prakruthiki pranamam
Salutations to the entire nature

Pramodham pramodham pramodham
Prathi srusti chitram pramodham
Every wonder of this creation is charming
Prayanam prayanam prayanam
Viswamtho mamekam prayanam
This is a journey to unify with the universe

Mana chirunavvule poolu…Nittoorpule thadi meghalu
Our smiles are the flowers...and our breath, the misty clouds

Hrudayame gaganam... Rudhirame sandram... Aase pachadanam
Our Heart is the sky...Blood an ocean...and our hope is the greenery around

Mare ruthuvula varnam...Mana manasula bhavodvegam
These changing colors of seasons are the various emotions of our hearts

Sariga choosthe prakruthi motham...Manalo prathibimbam
If seen clearly...this nature can be perceived as a reflection of us

Nuvventha nenentha ravvantha...Enno yelladi srusti charitha
What are you and me? Very minute when compared to nature...the history of this creation dates back to countless years

Anubhavame dachindi kondantha...Thana adugullo adugesi, veladham janmantha
Our experience has treasured so much for us...Let’s go hand in hand with nature all our lives

|| Pranamam pranamam pranamam ||

Yevadiki sonthamidantha...Idi evvadu natina panta
Who owns this nature? Who nurtured it?

Evadiki vaadu nade hakkani...Cheyyesthe yetta
How can everyone try to claim it and exploit it?

Tharamula nati kadantha...Mana thadupari migalalanta
This is passed on to us from needs to be preserved even after we die for future generations

Kadhapaka cherapaka...Padhikaalalidhi kaapadaalanta
Without disturbing this nature we need to save it forever

Preminche peddamme ee vishwam...Ishtamga gundeku hathukundam
This universe is a loving mother...Let’s embrace it with care

Kannerrai kanneerai o konchem...Thalladillindo ee thalli...Ye okkadu migalam
If our mother earth is troubled...her anger and agony will destroy us completely

|| Pranamam pranamam pranamam ||


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