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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Laalijo Song Lyrics Translation From 24

Movie: 24
Music: A.R Rehman
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singer: Nitya Menon

Laalijo Song Meaning In English

Hmmm Laalijo ||2||

Sleep Peacefully my dear child

Hmmm Kanna Jo Chinni Rajuku Laalijo
Sleep happily my precious one...Sleep blissfully my little prince

||Hmmm Laalijo ||

Letha vellaku laalijo...Leletha kallaku laalijo
I sing this lullaby for these tender fingers...and for these soft feet

Naloni kalalanu veliginche...Neelala kallaku lalijo
I sing this lullaby for those tiny blue eyes that kindle the dreams of my eyes

Nee chitti chethula saigalatho...Nee chuttu galai thirigane
With the gestures of your little hands...I am moving all around you like the wind

Nee chirugundela savvadi lo...Nimpanu ra na kalanni
In the melody of your teeny heartbeats...I have treasured my time

||Hmmm Laalijo ||

Janmam pondhe prathi jeeviki...Edho artham vuntundhira
Every living being that bears life...there is a purpose

Naku artham nuvvera ||2||
And the purpose/meaning of my life is you

Tapassu neekai chesthunna...Naa ayushu neeke posthunna
I am praying for you...I am bestowing my years of life to you

Sirula neluvu laalijo...Chitrala koluva laalijo
Sleep deeply my reserve of riches...sleep dearly my bag of wonders

Sirula neluvu laalijo...Chiranjeeva laalijo
Sleep deeply my reserve of riches...Sleep happily my immortal angel

||Hmmm Laalijo ||2||

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  1. thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu .can u please add english meaning for all the songs of 24. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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