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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Title Song Lyrics Translation From Sardaar Gabbar Singh

Movie: Sardar Gabbar Singh
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Rama Jogayya Sastry
Singer: Benny Dayal 

Sardar Gabbar Singh Song Meaning In English

Jo dar gaya Samjo mar gaya 
The one who is frightened is considered as dead

Ladies and Gentleman 
He is back once again 
This time as Sardaar
So all the bad guys Kabardhaar


Chusko guru halchal Shuru 
Be careful of commotion has started

Dookadu roo khaki pantharu
Panther dressed in police uniform has leaped in

Rasko guru ee chaptaru
Notedown this chapter O Mister

New Style roo veedi law and Orderooo
His Law and Order are of new style

Lati patti puttaadu...duty pai ottu pettadu
He is born holding his baton...He has sworn on his duty

Veyyi gurrala force dagunna horse powerudu
He is a horse power with hidden force equaling thousand horses

Gabbar Singh Gabbar Singh Sardaar Gabbar Singh
Gabbar Singh Gabbar Singh He is back to do Something ||2||

Ham jo bola sahi hai samjo final vahi hai
Whatever I is say is right and it is final

Nenu Nunchunna place yedhaina station ipoddhi ro
Any place I stand turns into a station

Mera gan me khuda hai...yeh tho sabko patha hai
My gun has the supreme power in it...everyone is aware of it

Danikedurelthe right side aina wrong side avddhiro
If you go against it, even the right side becomes wrong side

Scale pai kolichedhela veedi adugullo Bookampam
It’s hard to measure on a scale, the intensity of the earthquake triggered by his footsteps

Gundepai pidugekadha veedi gannu shabdham
The sound of his gun is a roaring thunderbolt on the heart

|| Gabbar Singh Gabbar Singh||

Masthu look ro mass facebook ro 
He has good looks and he is the facebook of common people

Veedu left right excellent police
He is an excellent police left and right

Poweru bank ro millitary tank ro
He is a Power bank, Military tank

Veedi cheyi padthe cheddavala malish
With his hand on them...bad guys game is over

O lammo lammo veedu india ki famous 
He is famous in India

Kotha kotha  crime guttu patte colombus
He is a Columbus for detecting new crimes

Tholu theese lekkallo total merciless
He is total merciless while punishing

Veedi lanti police odu soceity ke bonous
Police like him is a bonus to the society

Danger antundhi choodu Melloni erra thundu
Red scarf around his neck is a symbol of danger

24x7 bullet proof alle vundhi ro uniform
His uniform resembles a 24X7 bullet proof jacket

Pure police bloodu kodithe body lu sheddu
If he strikes with this pure police blood...bodies will be shredded

Chattamu nene systemu nene repairing mera kaam
I am the law... I am the System...Repairing is my work

Rules ni nuisance ani girraatu vesthadu dustbin lo
Treating rules as disturbance, he flips them into dustbin

Ghaatu ga e-straight ga velthadu kotha way lo
Strongly , he goes straight in a brand new way

|| Gabbar Singh ||

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  1. please add english meaning for the song '' oka life'' from the film ''oopiri'' please please please please .


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