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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Neeve Neeve Song Lyrics Translation From Darling

Movie: Darling
Music: G.V Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Anantha Sreeram
Singer: G.V Prakash Kumar

Neeve Neeve Song Meaning In English

Neeve Neeve...Neeve Neeve ||4||  

Edaina nee tharuvathe anipisthundhey ila
For me , anything in this world seems to matter only after you

Yemaina adhi nee valley jariguntundhey elaa
For me, you are the reason for all that happened to me

Edhirosthuney Vuntavey, ne ey daarilo velthunna
You appear in every path I take

Kadhilisthuney Vuntavey, ne ekantham lo vunna
You influence me in my loneliness

Maripisthuney vuntavey, nakem em em gurthosthunna
You make me forget my wandering thoughts

Muripisthuney vuntavey, na mundhey nuvvulekunna
You spread the affection though you are not with me

Neeve Neeve...Neeve Neeve ||2||

Following around...above to the town...Baby take me with u, I am with u, show me all around ||2||

Na na na na naa
Gonna get you gonna get you
Na na na na naa
Gonna get you gonna gonna get you

Oka nimisham lo na santhosham
A minute of happiness

Oka nimisham lo na sandheham
A minute of confusion

Nidhurana kuda hey ni dhyaanam
Even in the sleep, my mind is filled with you

Vadhaladhu nanne oh nee roopam
Your image is not leaving me

Alochisthu pichodnayya neney...cheliyaa
It’s you...thinking about you, I have gone dear

|| Edhirosthuney Vunnavey ||

Neeve Neeve...Neeve Neeve ||2||

Nadakalu saagedhi nee vaipe...palukulu aagindhi nee valle
My steps are drawn towards words paused for you

Evariki chebutunna nee oosey...chivariki neenayya nee laaney
My conversation with everyone is about you...At last I have become you

Nuvve...hey hey...Nuvvey...Nuvvey
Chuttu antha tittesthunna neney...vinaney
It’s you...I wouldn’t bother though you scold me for it

|| Edhirosthuney Vunnavey ||

Neeve Neeve… Neeve Neeve ||2||

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