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Saturday, 14 November 2015

O Maina Maina Song Lyrics Translation From Lovers

Movie: Lovers
Music: J.B
Lyrics: Kasarla Shyam
Singer: Haricharan

 O Maina Maina Song Meaning In English

O Maina Maina Nuvvevaremina ||2||
Andhamlo Everest Unte Adhi Nuvvena
O little bird...who ever are you are
If there is an Everest for that you?

O Maina Maina Nee Peredaina
Bhugolam Nee Pere Angel Ani Pilichena
O little bird...whatever may be your name
This globe of earth would call you an Angel

Nijanga Nijanga Adhedho Maaya Laaga
Idhaantha Idhaantha Jarigene Kala Laaga
Really...appearing as a fantasy
All this happened just like a dream

Kshaanamlo Kshaanamlo Ala a Meruupu Laaga
Valesi Vellave...Nee Vente Raana
In a second, as a flash of light
You roped me in...I would follow you

|| O Maina Maina ||

Parichayame Anipinche Nee Roopam Naaku
Saripodhe Vivaristhe Ye Polika Neeku
Your presence make me feel that I knew you from long back
Any comparison would fall short to describe you
Okasare Ninu Choosthe Ika Maruupe Radhu
Nee Andham Chiitrinche Ey Kunche Ledhu
A glance at you will make your memory unforgettable
There is no paintbrush in this world, that can portray your eternal beauty

Emo Emo Ye Lokamlo-nundo Nuvve Nelaku Diginavo
Malli Malli Ee Daaruulloki Asalu Epudu Osthavo Emo Emo
From which celestial world have you descended onto this earth?
When would you again come along these paths?

||Nijanga Nijanga ||

|| O Maina Maina ||

Idhivarake Endhariko Na Manasichaka
Venuthiriga Naa Jathalo Evvaruu Saripoka
Though I have given my heart to many ladies before
I withdrew it as I couldn’t find a perfect partner for me

Tholitholiga Ivvale Ninne Choosaka
Kaliginadhe Premante Nammakame Inka
At the first sight of yours today
My faith on love surged up

Nuvve Nuvve Naa Lolo Daagunna Oohaku Rekkalu Thodigavu
Nanne Nanne Ee Ashala Veedhullo Mundhuku Nadupavu Thodai Thodai
You have bestowed wings to the dreams that were hidden deep inside me
You have accompanied me in the paths of hope leading me forward

||Nijanga Nijanga ||

|| O Maina Maina ||

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